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Comic Con India Dates Are Out and We Absolutely Cannot Wait

We cannot talk enough about how pop-culture has become an important part of our daily life. We all give that very familiar frown if someone says, "I don't watch Game of Thrones." or "I am not really into superhero movies." A culture which was only attributed to the geeks has now made its way into mainstream media and everyone wants a seat on this bandwagon. One of the essential parts of this pop culture mania are the Comic Conventions. It is that weekend of the year where you dress up as your favorite character and be among like-minded people. It is also the chance to meet some renowned faces. There are comic artists, stars from your favorite TV series and much more. Last year,  Mumbai had Jim Beaver while Delhi had Paul Blackthorne visiting and we cannot wait to know what's stored for us this year. Comic Con India is going to four cities this year and the dates are out. So it is time to block your dates and save some money for the most amazing weekend of 2017.

Hyderabad (14th – 15th October)

Comic Con - BookMyShow
The first stop is Hyderabad and while this is their fifth edition, the line-up here has never failed to impress. The tickets for Hyderabad are already live and you can book them here.​

Mumbai (11th – 12th November)

Comic Con - BookMyShowWe have been to the previous editions of Mumbai Comic Con and we cannot wait to go back there. Move over Ed Sheeran, Comic Con is calling us.

Bengaluru (2nd – 3rd December)

Comic Con - BookMyShow
Here is where you will see some of the best cosplayers. We have also attended a previous edition of this convention and it has been amazing.​

Delhi (15th – 17th December)

Comic Con - BookMyShow
They say last but not the least and Comic Con India proved it with a three-day convention in Delhi. Make sure you get a super fan pass for this one.​

The guest line-up and the attractions are yet to be announced and you can tune in here for more updates regarding Comic Con. Save the dates and share it with your friends and don't forget to let us know how excited you are for Comic Con in your city.