It’s a comic revolution!

Superhero films are undoubtedly creating an uproar at the box-office. With Hollywood investing millions in comics, television is not far behind. From Batman to Superman to Hellblazer, the small screen is brimming with comics-based television series this year!
Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with these superheroes:
With a record breaking pilot and several awards to its credit, Smallville is set in a fictional town based in Kansas. The plot centers on a young Clark Kent and his life before Superman. Praised by the legendary Christopher Reeves, THE Superman, who also made two guest appearances, this show had a successful run for 10 years!
Take one suave and charming young scion of a multinational company, put him on a mysterious island for 5 years. What happens to him? How does he survive and what turns him into the Arrow? This forms the main plot of the series. Currently in its third season, it is the highest rated show on CW.
Based on the renowned supernatural series, Hellblazer, the show follows an occult detective, John Constantine. Unlike other paranormal dramas we have seen on television, this show is visually compelling, intense, creepy and punctuated with dark magic!
This series shows you a pre-Batman era Gotham City. It focuses on the early days of James Gordon. Launched during the fall of 2014, the show garnered rave reviews for its appealing cast, different approach and intriguing story-line. Watch Bruce Wayne and several other characters evolve in this intense drama!
He is smart, he is funny and he is fast! Flash is another DC character that recently made his way onto the small screen. With a young ensemble cast, the show garnered favorable reviews for its brilliant special effects and high-octane action scenes.
So all you comic book fanatics, watch out for these five television shows. And let us know, which one is your favorite.

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