There was music, lights and the human body. They were all identical, dressed in white, bald and an expression of certain calmness on their face. What they created in that moment was rare and something which we will remember for quite a long time.

Shiamak Davar’s Selcouth cannot be compared to any other dance performances. It is pure art. With a blend of Indo-contemporary and modern dance, Selcouth delivers the audience an illustrative perspective of what life is all about. There is dance, drama, love, humor, horror, curiosity… almost everything.

When the curtain rises, you see a female dancer coming out of a box ripping apart the cellophane. There was a gleam in her eyes, and a swing in her step. Just like a little child, she explored the world around her, with perfect ballet moves. This was just the beginning. What followed next was something, which can actually give you goosebumps. A flawless performance. The dancers delivered a spectacular show; they ran, danced, and jumped with remarkable finesse. Selcouth also had a social message for the viewers. A minute-long slideshow was presented on violence against women and animals. 

It is said that an artist should never be asked to explain his work; same goes with Selcouth. It was somewhat abstract for the general masses, but the good part about it is that we can interpret it in our ways and make meaning out of it. The dance was broken down into chapters… more like short stories. Each performance spoke of various emotions, but with one constant aspect – the human life.

Sometimes we are so busy living our lives, doing the daily stuff, we forget certain things which matter to us. The relationships. The emotions. The connection with the natural world. We become an intricate part of the so-called "rat race". That evening Shiamak Davar’s team successfully transported the audience to that core of the black hole, where you can feel nothing, but the sheer bliss of being a part of the whole wide universe. Thank you Selcouth.

Don’t miss this show the next time it comes to your city. Tickets available for the show on November 10

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