Qube Café has become a name to reckon with when it comes to organizing food festivals at reasonable prices. Just as Durga Puja festivities are around the corner, Qube Café has organized a special Bengali Food Festival at Siesta Hitech which includes a lavish Bengali buffet for its clientele. The Buffet at Bengali Food Festival is a wide range of lip smacking veg and non-veg delicacies.

Right after I entered, I swung into action starting with the soup variants. The menu had a veg Tomato soup and a non-veg Murgir Pudina Shorba. Being a non-veg lover, I preferred the Shorba and it was extremely delicious.

For salad lovers, there is a wide range of variants available like Green Salad, Kacha Cholar Sprout Salad, Russian Salad, Summaer Salad, Rainbow Salad, Cold Chat Counter, Egg Kasondi Salad with Lettuce and Bhapa Macher Salad.    

Starters are limited to four variants but are extremely delicious. On the veg front, we have Vegetable chop and Beguni Chop while on the non-veg side, we have Jhal Murgir Fry and Machher Cutlet. All these four delicacies are mouth-watering to the core.

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It was time for the heavy duty main course and the non-veg main course included Khasir Mangso Rizala, Murgir Mangso Jhol, Sarso Batta Illish, Telapiya Jhal, and Potol Chingdi Ghonto. True to the Bengali’s love towards sea food, the fish varieties dominated the non-veg main course. The veg main course contained Palok Paneer, Dhokar Dalna/Sukto and Kodaisutir Lau Ghonto/Badhakopir Chor Chori.

Two types of Dals were available on the festival platter – Macher Matha Diyer Moong Dal and Cholar Dal Narkel Diye. For rice lovers, apart from stream white rice, Kochir Murghi Biriyani and Basonthi Badi Pulao were available to fill your appetite. No words to describe how tasty was the pulao and the Biriyani.

Instead of Roti, the menu is filled with two varieties of Poori – Hinger Luchi and Radha Ballabhi.
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Bengali food festival is incomplete without desserts. There are as many as six types of desserts available. Each of it had a distinctive taste and will thoroughly be relished. So put some space empty towards the end of your meal for these lip smacking desserts such as Guder Payas, Hot Bengali Kalo Jaam, Guder Sandesh, Narkel Nadu, Pantua, Keer Kodam and Misti Doi.
Apart from desserts, there are five types of pastries available as well.
On the Live Counter, the Bengali’s most famous street side food Bengali Roll is available in Veg, Egg and Chicken delicacy.

The Bengali Food Festival is a must attend event for foodies in general and Bengali food lovers in particular. With just about a week left, I strongly recommend this delicious buffet that is worth every penny.

By Ajay Mudunuri