Indian Comedy Club brings together on stage the best of comedians who don’t just entertain you but make you look at situations in a completely new light. Yesterday, I attended one of their many comedy gigs featuring Hriday Ranjan and Rohit Swain cracking jokes on one of our country’s biggest obsessions – cricket. I must say, some parts of the act were just too hilarious and the audience couldn’t help but roar out with laughter sans any inhibitions.

The show is largely promoted as India’s first cricket-based comedy where nothing but cricket will be mocked, discussed, made fun of and enjoyed. And truly, the show was all about cricket, cricketers and fan moments. Held in one of Mumbai’s most happening places Magazine Bar and Café in Bandra, the show featured an opening act by Govind Menon followed by one hour of insanity by Hyderabad’s Hriday Ranjan and Rohit Swain.

Govind Menon, in the opening act, tried hard to warm up the audience by making fun of not just himself but also his grandfather, father and Kerala in general. Why? Because he is a Malayali and unlike Malayali boy Kenny, he doesn’t take any pride in being a Keralite. To be fair, later, he made fun of a few Gujarati ads, eccentricities of ghosts and engineering as well.

The main artists for the night then took centre stage and with their amazing camaraderie took audiences on a hilarious nostalgic trip full of 90s cricket and the cricket moments of all 90s kids. What started off as a hysterical comparison of international cricket with gully cricket soon turned into a laughter riot. The best was when Hriday and Rohit mimicked the Hindi commentators with a tinge of sarcasm in all their lines. The concluding part of the event saw the comedians singing parodies of famous Bollywood songs incorporating kickass one-liners intertwined with cricket humor.

As the comedians are on their India tour taking Silly Point to various places, I would strongly suggest you book tickets for the event where these rising stars are going to feature next.

Upcoming shows:

1st April – Hyderabad 
8th April – Chennai
29th April – Bengaluru