Weekends are what we all look forward to as soon as the week begins. And when it’s a tough week, you know your weekend plans have got to be awesome. With so much riding on one weekend, you better plan it well. Need ideas? Then this is the right place for you. This weekend just got better because of all these crazy events. Check out these 10 fun events happening around Bengaluru this weekend. Pick your favorite and expect a weekend of entertainment.

10. Innovative Film City

Spread over 50 acres of land, next to a picturesque lake with lush green surroundings, Innovative Film City (IFC) houses 23 different entertainment attractions and is one of the most admirable tourist destinations in the State. Take a close look at your favorite movie and see what went behind making it at the IFC.

9. Circle of Life

From childhood to old age, the human life goes through various stages both physically and emotionally. A child grows up to be an old man or an old man starts becoming a child, thus completing the circle of life. This is indeed a miracle, as each stage of life has its own unique gift to give humanity. Be a part of something that shows you a part of yourself.

8. Kinvah Wine Tour

If you love indulging in tasty wine, go ahead and use that as an excuse to be a part of this immersive vineyard experience. The event is packed with good food, great drinks, and a lot of avenues to have fun – from the wine factory tour, to romantic moments at the vineyard, and the pleasurably messy grape stomping. Come, be a part of the winemaking process.

7. Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

If your desire for a thrill is unquenchable, visit one of India’s best amusement parks – Wonderla – for an exhilarating experience. With 62 world-class rides catering to people of all age groups, this is the perfect place to be with friends or family this weekend. From high-thrill rides to water rides to rides for kids, you name it and they have it.

6. Jokes – A Standup Comedy Show by Neelaksh Mathur

Nilaksh Mathur calls himself a comedian because he has traveled cities to campaign for elections but ended up making people laugh. Jokes are Neelaksh’s attempt to spend more than 40 minutes on stage doing, well, jokes. You can read more about the comedian here.

5. Dialogues with Travel (Beach Vacay)

Every third Saturday of a month, Dialogues plans an event to celebrate wanderlust travelers. The August episode of Dialogues with travel is all about meeting fellow travelers and share memorable stories. It will a three-hour session in which you’ll go to a beach to listen and share stories that you cherish and likeminded people.

4. Mr. Mommy – A stand Up Solo by Suman Kumar

Suman Kumar’s solo stand-up comedy show Mr. Mommy will take you on a hilarious excursion into the mad, mad world that is Suman’s life. Be it his fantastic stories from his small-town upbringing in Chittoor or being a stay-at-home-dad right now, Kumar’s Mr. Mommy promises to be a comedy roller-coaster ride.

3. Aadhe Adhure

A dramatized socio-economic situation, the play revolves around a family where the mother is earning a living. Caught in the web of financial setbacks, they render the head of the family almost incapacitated to do anything. She seeks to fulfill herself in relationships outside marriage, only to realize that men are the same beneath different faces.

2. Humorous Thoughts

The filterless Kunal Kamra and the humorously yours Vipul Goyal make for an out of the world combo. They are touring the country together to make you laugh your guts out with their effortless humor and killer jokes. If you need any convincing, you can read more about both the Kunal Kamra (here) and Vipul Goyal (here).

1. Bangalore Dance Camp With Adam Sevani

For the first time ever, the Step-up fame, global dance icon, Adam Sevani a.k.a Moose is in India for a dance tour. He will be giving a dance workshop and share his dance experience in a session. He will visit Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Bangalore, and Mumbai in his tour. This is your chance to dance with Moose, so, do not miss it!