Everybody seems to love short films these days and no, it is not a bad thing at all. Spanning a variety of languages and running across various genres, short films work for every movie lover. Needless to say, the format of the film makes it just the perfect snackable video content that we love these days. Lucky for us, there are some awesome filmmakers who are doing an exceptional job, both in India and abroad. Suchitra Film Society has been celebrating their work  with the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (BISFF). We give you a snapshot of all that you need to know about BISFF.

  • The festival is happening August 28-30 in Bengaluru
  • BISFF is in its 5th year and has received over 3000 submissions from all over the world. 
  • There are films from over 85 countries and the event promises to be a treat for short film lovers.  
  • The submissions will be accepted in five categories and will include films from both amateurs and professionals.
  • Over the period of three days, 300 short films will be screened. 
  • Of the total 114 films from India. Karnataka has the highest submissions with 42.
  • BISFF will also see a host of discussions, workshops and feedback sessions. Sriram Raghavan, director of Badlapur and the multi-talented actor, director and producer Prakash Raj will be chief guests.   
  • The BISFF site has a final list of 281 short films. Check out trailers of a few randomly selected ones from the list:
1. Fading Red by Bharath MC
A tale of strained relationships and flawed values. 

2. Beverley by Alexander Thomas
An interesting, gritty social drama about a mixed-race girl’s struggle to discover a sense of identity

3. The Man Who Fed His Shadow by Mario Garefo
An intriguing tale with a plot that’ll make you think. The film qualified to BAFTA. 

4. Yellow by Nishant Bahukhandi
A young boy finds hope in a yellow balloon if only for a little while.   

5. The Last Audition by Krishan Hooda
A tale of a struggling actor torn between living his dream and his reality.

If you’re in Bengaluru and short films are your thing, don’t miss BISFF this weekend. Check out the website for more details.