Steve Martin said that "Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke", and no one is better at it than Vir Das. The comedian, who started his career with Brown Men Can’t Hump, has treated us to a number of comedic gems over the years. One of our favorite things that he’s done, however, has got to be the Weirdass Pajama Festival. Luckily for us, it’s back and it looks like the festival is going to be bigger than ever! Booked your tickets already? Here’s what you can look forward to at India’s biggest comedy festival:

Vir Das’ Unbelievablish
You know when someone tells you a story and it sounds so unbelievable that you don’t know if it’s true? Unbelievablish is that very feeling if it was a stand-up act. In this segment, Vir Das will tell us stories about his life. The catch? They may or may not be true. Did Vir lose 4 million dollars? Did he have his 7 minutes in heaven with Katrina? Who knows!

The Showstoppers Experience

We love musicals and we love improv comedy. We already love The Showstoppers, because it’s the perfect blend of the two! The Showstoppers Experience combines the audience’s suggestions with improv expertise to create an entertainment extravaganza. Moving storylines, hilarious one-liners, soul-stirring harmonies and dazzling dance sequences await you!

The Weirdass Salute of Johny Lever

He’s one of India’s most beloved comedians, and all for good reason! Now, you can watch him in an hour-long special that promises to tickle your funny bone. What’s better? The maestro will be joined by other big comedians like Vir Das, Boman Irani and Suresh Menon. He will also be presented with the first ever ‘King of Comedy’ award. We’re sold!

Comedy Death Race

What’s better than seeing the best comedians on the scene, live? Seeing them battle it out against one another! Comedy Death Race is a battle of hilarious proportions. It brings together the funniest comedians on the circuit and pits them against each other. Who will win? The audience, of course!

Vir Das and The American Invasion
Comedy transcends all borders, and this segment is proof of just that. In The American Invasion, Vir Das brings together some of the funniest comedians from the USA. All for one purpose: Your entertainment. Comedy from the land of dreams… It really doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

And that isn’t all! The Feme-Funny Show, The Weirdass Tandoor of Suhel Seth and so much more awaits you! So, if you still haven’t booked your tickets, what are you waiting for? Click here and change that, NOW!

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