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India has always been known for its diversity and we as a nation take huge pride in our culture which has been established over centuries. Every year there are festivals that celebrate our culture. If you need to see a glimpse of India, you just need to attend the 32nd Surajkund Mela. Surajkand is 8 km from South Delhi and spread across 40 acres where there will be more than 1000 tents housing all sorts of craft and food items among other things. Uttar Pradesh has been chosen as the Theme State of the Year so you can expect to see a lot of food and cultural performances representing the state. That's not all, here are 7 more things you should do at the Surajkand Mela.

1. Take a helicopter ride

Take a 6 to 10-minute helicopter ride across the fair to get a bird's eye view of the mela. You get to see the vibrant colors against the picturesque landscape of Surajkand at a nominal price of INR 2500 per person. 

2. Dive into nostalgia

Before the amusement parks, there were only melas where you would find thrill-seekers on the exciting Ferris-wheel and trying every attraction possible, from the hall of mirrors to the haunted house. This is the right time to relive those mela days, probably with a cotton candy. 

3. Watch the performances

Your feet will need rest after shopping around all day. Use this time to watch the cultural performances. You can also head to the amphitheater named Natyashala to catch everything from music gigs to Kavi Sammelans.

4. Experiment with food

There will be lots of delicious food items which might be unknown to you and now is the right time to try them all. You might think about the calories you will gain from eating it, well you can burn them all by reading our next point.

5. Go on a shopping spree

While also trying to get the best of Indian culture at one place, the mela is also meant to promote local artisans and craftsmen who make these handicrafts at a smaller scale compared to the ones which are mass produced. 

6. It's not just national

You will also get an opportunity to buy international crafts like brass ornaments, mulberry paper stationery, and celadon ware from Thailand; carpets, pottery, mosaic, and glass lanterns from Egypt and traditional folding fans, porcelain, and lacquerware from Japan.

7. Explore the town

Although you might spend your days at Surajkand Mela, you can save your evenings to explore the town like the Surajkand lake or the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. You could even try the Surajkund Hot Spring which is not far from the venue. 

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