If there’s one thing every TV buff can relate to, it’s the love for September! Every year, we’re treated to tons of new shows to enjoy. This year is no exception with dozens of stellar new shows. However, not all series are as good as we’d like them to be. Don’t know which show to binge-watch this Diwali break? We’ve got you covered! Here are three of our favorite and least favorite shows of the season:


Outlander is the story of Claire Randall, a married WW2 nurse who is mysteriously transported to 1743. In this turbulent time, Claire is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, leading to a passionate romance between the two. Outlander follows Claire’s struggle as she deals with her new life and love, while attempting to stay true to her former self.

Though Outlander seemed like a mushy romance set to the backdrop of 1700s Scotland, it turned out to be so much more. The show, which has an intriguing plot, also features beautiful cinematography and stellar performances. It takes a tried-and-tested formula and twists it in ways we could never imagine. If you only watch one new show this fall, let it be Outlander!


The Manhattan Project (what is the manhattan project?) is a topic that has been relatively untapped in mainstream cinema and television. So imagine our surprise when WGN picked up a show set against this backdrop. Though maths and science form the backdrop of the film, the main plot explores emotions and the feeling of being imprisoned.

What we love about Manhattan is that it perfectly blends fact and fiction. Additionally, the show maintains a sense of urgency without ever getting too chaotic to remain enjoyable. Combine this with the remarkable acting and the New Mexico landscape and you have a show that is reminiscent of Breaking Bad. Which is obviously a good thing.

The Knick

The Knick follows the employees at Knickerbocker Hospital in New York, at the turn of the twentieth century. It chronicles their lives, as they attempt to shape modern medicine into what it currently is. Unsurprisingly, this show isn’t for the faint of heart. Featuring gory visuals of surgery, combined with the medical experimentation that was common back then, the show does tend to get a little graphic.

However, it isn’t a show you can miss if you enjoy period pieces or procedural dramas. After all, it’s been a while since a show captured the steampunk vibe so accurately. Though most shows and films in the genre tend to go overboard, The Knick keeps viewers on the edge of their seats without overdoing it.

Z Nation

When Z Nation was announced, there seemed only two possibilities. The show could either go down the same path as other recent zombie films or it could break the mold. Unfortunately for us, it was the former.

Z Nation follows a group of local heroes as they set out to rescue the lone survivor of a zombie plague. The fact that we’ve already seen this story before is worsened only by the realization that it contains every single zombie trope. Stilted dialogue, forced action, lack of character development and terrible acting. These are just a few of the show’s best features!

The Lottery

The Lottery is set in an alternate universe where women no longer have children. However, everything changes when 100 embryos are miraculously fertilized. This is when a government agency holds a lottery to decide which women will be the surrogates.

In theory, The Lottery seemed like a good idea. But this idea was poorly executed, resulting in a sub-par TV show that’s more grating than it is entertaining. Bad acting, plot holes and a mediocre premise all make the show a giant disappointment. Moreover, the science-fiction show gets most of the science wrong. And you don’t have to be a scientist to figure that out.


The quest for immortality has been the subject of many TV shows. Intruders follows the same basic premise, with a bit of a twist. The show is about a secret society, the members of which pursue immortality by inhabiting others’ bodies.

Sounds interesting? It isn’t. Intruders, which features notable performances, was brought down by its writing and pacing. Just the pilot made it obvious that this is a show that would drag on for much longer than anyone wanted it to. Add emotional manipulation and a lack of continuity to the mix and you have a show that you needn’t waste time on!

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