The heroine has different hairstyles in two scenes which are right after the other. The villain has brown hair in one and black hair in the other scene. The hero has a wound in his arm while fighting the ugly enemies and the next moment the wound is healed. The catty woman is finally defeated and is thrown off the plane. The interesting part is that she has the calmest look on her face like she was absolutely unaffected by being suspended in mid-air all of a sudden. Ha! How did this happen? Seems like the director, the costume designers the make-up artist and the cinematographer had a major fight amongst themselves & decided to goof up with each-other’s jobs!

Welcome to the Timepass Talkies where you can have fun with all these bloopers. It all started when the screenwriter of this event Kiran Kotrial started watching some movies over & over again. Very soon, he started noticing the bloopers in those films; especially so in bad films where these loopholes were hilarious enough to make someone roll off their chairs with laughter. One fine day he put sixty chairs in a room and invited people to watch a movie with him. By the time the movie ended, the audience had doubled. Over the next decade his fan base grew only through word of mouth. People started to look forward to these sessions and started to chip in for venue & snacks to make them livelier. Urged on by these fans, Kotrial reached a stage where he could have a ticketed public show & that is how Timepass Talkies was born. Even though, it is a random collection of scenes, the show is screamingly funny, and has potential to grow into a really enjoyable comedy show. The show is simple and although Bollywood is at its receiving end, it is not insulting or nasty in any way.

So go and enjoy this show which guarantees you a mad look at the movies ! With some hilarious digs at some of the most loved flicks, you will never look at films in the same way again. After attending this event, you will start noticing the apparently unnoticeable goof ups that filmmakers make. Tickets to this show, which will run at the Manik Sabhagriha Auditorium , are available on popular platforms like BookMyShow. Go ahead and hoot to the bloopers and have some fun!