Looking to have some quality time with your children in Delhi that's beyond Appu Ghar and the mall? There's a lot of summer events and summer activities that are kid-friendly, which offer special experiences that the parents will enjoy as much as the kids. We all know kids can be very picky, so we've hand-picked the best summer activities for all types of kids.  

For the sporty kids:

If your kids need more of an outlet for their energy than running around all the time, maybe it's time to introduce them to a new sport – ice skating.  

No matter what the weather is outside, you can enjoy ice skating all through the year at iSKATE. 
Cost:  ₹450 onwards 

For the adventurous kids:

Is one summer activity isn't enough to keep your kids occupied? These venues have plenty of variety to offer. 

Adventure Island

Head outside for hours of fun at this adventure park with a variety of rides. There's also a metro area with shops and restaurants so you can get everything in one place. 
Cost: ₹350 onwards 


Smaaash is great to keep the whole family busy for the evening. Along with playing paintball, arcade games, going bowling, or kicking around a football, you can also eat a buffet meal here. 
Cost: ₹650 onwards 

For the puzzle-solving kids:

It's never too early to train the brain. If summer activities for the family is what you're looking for, escape rooms are one that you can take part in along with the young ones that will help build their problem-solving skills. 

CodeBreak 60

This activity offers three themes – a pharaoh's curse, a murder mystery, and finding a way to cheat death. There is a lot to try with your children at CodeBreak 60. 
Cost: ₹1600 onwards 

Adventure Games – The Hidden Hour

You're not just limited to one option for escape rooms. At The Hidden Hour, you can diffuse a bomb or go on a treasure hunt with your kids. 
Cost: ₹1600 onwards 

For the creative kids:

These activities are for the kids with a creative spark who love to tell and experience stories. 

Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams regularly has unique plays that mix theatre with athletics, music, and more to create unforgettable experiences. 
Cost: Varies for each play 


If you find your kids role-playing adult careers like doctors and firefighters, you can have them play out their fantasies at KidZania, which is a tiny city in itself. 
Cost: ₹250 onwards  

Which other places do you like taking your family to? Let us know in the comments below.