“Once we get into the groove, we’re are professional dancers- that adrenalin kicks in & we just keep dancing and then we don’t stop!” This is the sentiment that echos through the studio where a dance marathon takes places. It is filled with people who are first time dancers, who have two left feet, people who could not dance to save their lives and also with people who actually like dancing just because it liberates them!

Dance marathons as a concept has its origins way back in 1364 in London City. Of course the ones today are nothing like them, but the vibe and the joy the event brings along, has only just increased manifold.

Nowadays with an increasing number of events taking place with dance as its core theme, it gets difficult for a novice to pin down the kind of dance events he might be interested in or the kind of dance forms he might want to explore further. A dance marathon can come to his rescue here! Put in a free day, mix it up with dance professionals of various expertise, collate some foot-tapping music, get the energy up, invite some dance enthusiasts and voila! you have a dance marathon. Oft there are times when there are teams too who compete against each other; and this is the beauty of it. A dance marathon can be customized according to moods and also according to the prowess of the people in attendance.

Closer to home in Mumbai, there are various established and up coming dance and fitness studios who very regularly organize such dance marathons. One such, Ensemble Dance Studio is soon having a 210 minutes of dance-a-thon and it is inviting dance enthusiasts to learn up to four different styles of dance in the course of this event. Such dance programs also give an opportunity to the participants to interact with the professionals in those fields, educate them about new dance forms, provide an insight into the industry specifications and most importantly, help them recognize the form which they are interested in want to peruse ahead.

Not only this, dance marathons are also grabbing eyeballs due to the fitness quotient being attached to them. With all the publications highlighting the importance of being fit, a dance marathon only just adds to it. So when a run marathon gets boring, head to a dance marathon happening near you! It sure will lift your spirits and bring a smile on your face.

Written By: Nikita Mehta