Since its conception in 2012, Bhoomija has become the go-to for quality entertainment in Bangalore. The trust, which hosts performing arts performances, has staged shows across India and abroad. It has also become a platform for budding talent. The initiatives undertaken by them include performances, scholarships and workshops.


This year, Bhoomija is back with Jackfruit ’14 – a music festival for children, by children.


Jackfruit ’14 is a celebration of music. It will take place at two of Bangalore’s cultural hotspots – the Jagriti Theatre and MLR.


The festival offers a variety of workshops for children of all ages. It has something for everyone – irrespective of age, taste and expertise!

Young children can get a great start to their musical education by learning about the most important part of music – rhythm. And who better to guide them than mridangam maestro Anantha R Krishnan? Do they want to learn to sing their first song too? Well, look no further. They can now have the honor of learning it from renowned Carnatic vocalist, Unnikrishnan.


If your child already has some musical training and would like to explore further, there are a variety of options available for them too!


Budding vocalists can receive training from Abhishek Raghuram, the master of innovation himself in "A Straight Note?! Why?”. Ace Hindustani vocalist, Smita Bellur, will also be at hand to impart knowledge about Sufi music in “Summer Song” and “Khayal e Sufi”. The cherry on the cake? They can top all this off with tips from the sister duo, Ranjani-Gayatri, who will conduct “Music’s All Around and Within Us!”.


Rhythm enthusiasts can “Drum Up a Racket” with Arun Kumar, using everyday items! Similarly, the Rajasthani rockstar Nathulal Solanki will guide children on rhythm and its prevalence in our everyday life.


The workshop “Bamboo Magic” will offer beginners a chance to learn the flute. Does your child already dabble in the flute or another stringed or woodwind instrument? Fret not, the workshop has an advanced version that is also led by Pravin Godkhindi!


Looking forward to some fun, yet educational games? Jackfruit ’14 has those too! “Dexter and the Music Laboratory”, led by Anil Srinivasan, offers a series of exciting musical games, experiments and puzzles!


Jackfruit ’14 will also feature stellar shows, ranging from performances by child prodigies to industry stalwarts.

One of the biggest names featured this year is Roysten Abel, who created The Manganiyar Classroom. The Manganiyar Classroom will showcase the musical prowess of children from Rajasthan’s villages. Abel auditioned more than 150 children between the ages of 9 and 14 and selected 40 of them to stage The Manganiyar Classroom. "All the children sing like they were born breaking into a song," said Roysten Abel. "They have stunned me with their talent." He took their raw talent and moulded it to create this spectacular show.


Besides The Manganiyar Classroom, Jackfruit 2014 will also showcase a taala vaadya (percussion) ensemble. The ensemble, led by Vidwan Vikku Vinayakram, brings rhythm to the front and centre.


The festival will also showcase musicians who’ve mastered woodwind and stringed instruments. Krishnagiri T Ganesan will put on a mind-blowing (pun intended!) nadaswaram performance. The Hindustani flute will get its due, when Suleiman plays his enchanting tunes live! Audiences can also look forward to performances by Ramya Raghavan (veena), Vaibhav Ramani (Carnatic violin), Mehtab Ali (sitar), Uttara Swaminathan (Carnatic vocal) and Karthik Iyer (Carnatic vocal).


With all this and more, it’s no surprise that Jackfruit ‘14 is as anticipated as it is. Though it is primarily for children, the festival offers something for everyone. So, what are you still waiting for? Book your tickets now!

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