It is time for the biggest union of book aficionados across India. This January, ZEE Jaipur Literature Fest is back for the 12th time and it keeps getting better each year. It is a place where the lines between writers and their fans are blurred and intellectual conversation rules the day. But it is not just about the books. The festival has some amazing musical concerts and discussions that will stay with you for a long time after it is over. It is very easy for a first-time attendee to be overwhelmed by the scale of the festival and that’s where a guidebook like this one comes in handy. Read on to know what you can expect at the festival and how you should make the best of it.

1. Invest in a pass

Although the entry to the festival is free, it is always a good idea to invest in a pass that gives you access to some exclusive Baithaks along with complimentary food arrangements. You also get access to the music concerts that are otherwise paid and an opportunity to mingle with the authors. You can get the full details of the pass here.

2. Choose wisely

With so many speakers and different genres, it will be impossible to catch everything. Here’s where you have to prioritize keeping in mind the genre you are interested in along with the author who will be speaking. You can refer to the entire programme here. It will be also wise to leave room to travel from one venue to another.

3. Dress for all seasons

The weather there can go from hot to cold and vice versa really quickly. A jacket or a shawl along with your clothing should help you through the day. As with the case with all kinds of festivals, dressing comfortably is will help you enjoy the festival even more.

4. Reach early

If you want a taste of a typical Rajasthani welcome, you should reach early on the first day. You will be surely treated like a royal and get an opportunity to witness the opening address.

5. Don’t miss the book launches & conversations

Apart from having an opportunity to hear from your favorite authors, you also get an opportunity to see some books being launched. The festival is a great platform for the authors to launch their books and there’s usually a little something in store for the first buyers. Be sure to go through the festival programme to find out when your favorite authors will be on the stage.

6. Splurge on music events

Nothing else will relax you after a grueling day like a music event and you should not hesitate to be a part of the music concerts that will be held as the day draws to a close. Authors are also known to have private parties. You might want to keep your ears open for them. If you have a delegate pass, the music concerts are inclusive.

7. Take enough breaks

Your excitement will only take you this far. You will have to take timely breaks to ensure that you don’t burn out before all the events of that day are over. Give your legs some rest and make sure you travel light.

Are you ready to attend the biggest literature festival in our country? Get your tickets below!