Now that the day-wise schedule of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2016 is out, the list below will represent the best possible choices to make in the available time slots every day from the 21st to 27th of this month.

This list is designed in a feasible manner according to the most convenient venue, so that the viewer can actually reach the shows in time and enjoy the best of the movies showing that day. It will be definitive, with little margin for error.

The opening ceremony is on the 20th at the Opera House, a landmark coincidentally restored for its official grand opening a day later.
In bold letters, are the big-ticket festival titles.

Here we go:

October 21st (Friday)

10 AM, PVR ECX (Audi 2): Certain Women [107 mins]
12 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 4): In Conversation with Jia Zhangke OR
1.15 PM, PVR ECX (Audi 3): Clash [97 mins]
3 PM, PVR ECX (Audi 1): Oscuro Animal [107 mins]
7 PM, Regal: A Death In The Gunj [104 mins]

October 22nd (Saturday)

10 AM, PVR ICON (Audi 3): After The Storm [117 mins]
3.15 PM, Regal: Neruda [108 mins]
5.40 PM, Regal: I, Daniel Blake [100 mins]
8 PM, Regal: Goodbye Berlin [96 mins]

October 23rd (Sunday)

10 AM, PVR ICON (Audi 3): The Red Turtle [80 mins]
1 PM, PVR ECX (Audi 3): Swiss Army Man [97 mins]
4.30 PM, PVR ECX (Audi 2): Echo [98 mins]
8.30 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 2): Graduation [127 mins]

Still from The Red Turtle
Still from Red Turtle

October 24th (Monday)

10.30 AM, PVR Icon (Audi 1): Rajwade And Sons [125 mins]
2.15 PM, PVR Icon (Audi 4): The Unknown Girl [113 mins]
5.40 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 3): The Salesman [125 mins]
9 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 4): Personal Shopper [105 mins]

Still from The Personal Shopper
Still from The Personal Shopper

October 25th (Tuesday)

12.30 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 4): Elle [131 mins]
3 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 3): Sandstorm [90 mins]
5 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 5): Staying Vertical [100 mins]
8 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 2): Things To Come [100 mins]

October 26th (Wednesday)

10.30 AM, PVR ICON (Audi 4): Hermia and Helena [86 mins]
1.30 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 2): Lantouri [120 mins]
3.30 PM, PVR ECX (Audi 2): Lipstick Under My Burkha [114 mins]
6 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 1): When Two Worlds Collide [103 mins]
8.30 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 3): Trapped [105 mins]


October 26th (Thursday)

11.30 AM, PVR ECX (Audi 5): Everything Else [98 mins]
3 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 3): Manchester By The Sea [136 mins]
5.30 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 1): Endless Poetry [128 mins]
8.30 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 1): The Commune [112 mins] OR
9.15 PM, PVR ICON (Audi 2): Barakah Meets Barakah [88 mins]

Still from Manchester by the Sea
Still from Manchester by the Sea