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Loose Jokes by Karunesh Talwar: Event Review – Laughter Guaranteed!

There was a time when stand-up comedy evoked an image of hopefuls making bawdy jokes on prime-time television shows. Thanks to a new generation of Indians ready to laugh at themselves, this is slowly changing. With the established pub culture, electronic music nights and karaoke going stale, it was about time something new and trendy took place. It’s safe to say one would rather watch a live stand-up comedy show, such as Loose Jokes, than waste money on a mindless movie.

Loose Jokes by Karunesh Talwar took place at The Barking Deer, a microbrewery at Lower Parel. The nude brick walls, jute finished chairs, wooden tables and stag busts make this place absolutely brewtiful. Those of us who were there well in advance, admired the beauty around us as we waited for our bands and drink coupons (Your pass includes a drink – a craft beer from the pub’s house brews or a mocktail of your choice!).

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Soon it was time for us to be seated as the show was about to begin. They say, to avoid ritual humiliation at a comedy gig, you should avoid sitting in the front two rows. To my horror, I did land myself a seat in the first row. Luckily, all the four comedians were unthreatening.

The show was opened by Rueben Kaduskar, a Maharashtrian lad with a Jewish name. He set the mood for the rest of the evening with his jokes which included, but were not limited to, religion, sexuality and auto-erotic asphyxia. All of it was met with chuckles from across the room. Manal Patil, a 20-something boy followed. Anecdotes about experiences with marijuana and its after effects left the audience in splits. While we were at it with these two, we were introduced to Masoom Rajwani, the very same banda who helped us with our bands and coupons. He discussed the big question we asked our parents as children. You know, that question pertaining to our existence. His mother’s answer, “Raat ko Bhagwan magic karta hain”, was just about enough to make you ROFL.

After three rib-tickling acts, we were geared up for the big one. The act by the fellow who claims to be single AF. Karunesh Talwar is so single that all he ever does is sit and when he is bored, he lies down. He started off by discussing Indian contestants cooking bhajiya and khichdi at the the Australian and American editions of the prestigious reality show MasterChef, while some other contestant made “dark chocolate ice cream jiske paas ek white chocolate ka fence, jiske upar ek milk chocolate ka mukut.” Hold on, this is not even the funniest bit of the act. Talwar also discussed current affairs, smoking disclaimers, actors making a living out of vibrating, the odds of becoming an astronaut and the absurdity in material intended for entertainment. All this while making sense and still being as politically incorrect.

Loose Jokes - BookMyShow

He ended the evening with another punch about sharks being lazy. That too, without actually offending shark supporters or sharks in the audience. Once the show ended, we approached the counter to redeem our drink coupons. In order to prevent any spit takes or choking, drinks were served in the end.

Before Karunesh Talwar’s Loose Jokes become a hit throughout the country, try them out. No, honestly, one shouldn’t miss Loose Jokes by Karunesh Talwar for the world. Not even when there is an India vs. South Africa match, as it was the case on June 11, 2017.

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