Each year, more than 1000 short film submissions are made from over 70 countries to the annual Manhattan Short Film Festival. This year, 1250 films were submitted, out of which ten have been shortlisted. These will be screened simultaneously in cities across the world. By virtue of their selection, the leading ten compete at the Oscars. To promote Indian filmmakers, director Stanley Hector’s 2019 short Pablo, which won the Manhattan Short India contest conducted by the indie film distributor Pocket Films, will also be screened with the global finalists in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Pune.

Here’s a line-up of the ten films.

1. ‘Nefta Football Club’ (France, 2018)
Two young boys in Tunisia find a donkey with headphones near the Algerian border.
Director: Yves Piat

2. ‘Debris’ (UK, 2017)
A glimpse into the world of human labour trafficking, in which Armando is trying to save his crew. He stumbles upon an unspeakable truth.
Director: Julio Ramos

3. ‘Driving Lessons’ (Iran, 2019)
Bahareh’s husband and her driving instructor don’t get along when he accompanies Bahareh to her lessons.
Director: Marziyeh Riahi

4. ‘Tipped’ (Canada, 2018)
A waitress at an upscale restaurant concocts a revenge plan after dealing with difficult customers.
Director: Alysse Leite-Rogers

5. ‘Sylvia’ (UK, 2018)
A family is taking a fun road trip. Or so it seems.
Director: Richard Prendergast

6. ‘The Match’ (Finland, 2018)
A film on aggression, in which two women compete against each other in a game of tennis.
Director: Pia Andell

7. ‘Malou’ (Germany, 2019)
Malou, a dancer, gets a second chance to prove her dancing skills after being rejected by a famed dance school.
Director: Adi Wojaczek

8. ‘This Time Away’ (UK, 2019)
A strange visitor disrupts Nigel, who is haunted by his past.
Director: Magali Barbe

9. ‘The Family Affair’ (UK, 2019)
Annabelle wakes up in a stranger’s bedroom on her thirtieth birthday only to find out that Bernard is not the man of her dreams.
Director: Florence Keith-Roach

10. ‘The End Of The World’ (USA, 2019)
In this futuristic short, a government worker finds a friend in a soldier who has to go back to the battlefield during the last world war.
Director: Fon Davis

11. ‘Pablo’ (India, 2019)
A seven-year-old boy kills his sister’s pet birds and fish and then tries to kill a family member.
Director: Stanley Hector