2016 is almost here. But before we commence the new year, we need to brace ourselves for the NYE bash. They say that the first day of the new year sets the precedence for the rest of the year. There’s just too much pressure. And of course, around this time party prices shoot up and most of us end up burning a deep hole into our pockets. The easy solution is to have a house party! Sometimes, the only feasible solution.

But have a successful home party you need certain things. We have a small checklist for you to plan your house party! So, scroll down and get your party planning started.  

Have a theme, go for a costume party or do one better, and have a pyjama party.

Party Playlist
You need to sort out the music in advance. Get the speakers in place and create a playlist with a mix of the best party numbers.  

Enough Food
Food! Yes, the most important thing in a party. Get finger foods and sort out extra food for the post midnight, after party chats. 

Variety of Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Arrange for variety. Make sure you know what your guests want and have stock-up in advance. In case you find it unfeasible to get alcohol yourself, BYOB is a great option too.

Games you can play
Home parties get boring if you’ve invited people who don’t know each other. Get them to mingle. The best way to do it is have drinking games. There’re great game ideas available online. 

Go, figure out the best to-do’s for your party. Have a great NYE!