Watching artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk or Deadmau5 do their thing is a thrill to watch. They are artists who are known to send chills down everybody's spine in the audience. Something that a lot of artists find very difficult to do. Grouping them in one genre is difficult to do, but these three have one thing in common. They can make people dance and send them to different worlds when they play their brand of music. 

Paul Oakenfold is primarily known for being a Trance DJ. Something that you don't really hear off late with the whole advent of EDM hitting the scene. But, this man is powerful enough to put the audience into a trance of its own. His music is so powerful and yet uplifting. An artist with a talent as exemplary as this is rare to find. And boy, does he rock the crowd out. He has performed to many sold out stadiums all across the World and has the reputation of making people with "dead feet", dance. Watching him love is something that no one should miss. 

Paul Van Dyk, a Grammy-winning artist, is a very familiar name to people who love Electronic Dance Music. He is the first artist to receive a Grammy nomination in the Best Dance/Electronic section of the awards. His music is pumped with doses of adrenalin, and anyone who has watched him live in concert will agree to this. A household name in EDM circuits all over the World, this man has the ability to put the audience in a state that may just fly them to another parallel universe. 

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, also known as Deadmau5, is one of the few artists in the modern age of music to have taken the world by storm. His forte is Progressive-House and he does a damn fine job of delivering house music! Again, he isn't the type who people would really categorize under Electronic Dance Music but he does put audiences across the world into a crazy mood.