Prithvi Theatre has been a hub for theatre in Mumbai ever since it opened in 1978. The cosy, 200-seater theatre has an attached cafe to it, so you can indulge in people-watching over Irish coffee while you wait to watch a play. Here’s what to watch during this fortnight.


Hungarian playwright Fritz Karinthy’s eponymous play Refund has been adapted in Hindi by director Avneesh Mishra. A man undergoing a midlife crisis blames the education system for his failures, and confronts the principal of his school.
When: Thursday, September 26 at 6pm and 9pm.

‘Naha Le Bhai’

Director Chitransh Pawar and writer Santosh Tiwari’s Naha Le Bhai is a Hindi satire on the tedious legal proceedings of a trial involving a woman, who divorces her husband because he refuses to bathe.
When: Friday, September 27 at 7pm and 9pm.

‘Ga Re Maa’

Director Anahita Uberoi tells the story of DJ Paapi (Ruturaj Shinde) and his mother Jaya (Bharati Achrekar), a classical singer. Writers Adhir Bhat and Siddhart Kumar’s English and Hindi play is the battle of the old versus the new as Jaya struggles to accept her son’s career choices.
When: Saturday, September 28 at 6pm and 9pm and Sunday, September 29 at 5pm and 8pm.

‘Kasumal Sapno’

Rajasthani play Kasumal Sapno is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midnight Summer Night’s Dream. Set in a forest in imaginary Amroghar in Rajasthan, it involves four lovers, a group of amateur actors, and woodland fairies.
When: Tuesday, October 1 at 9pm and Wednesday, October 2 at 5pm and 8pm.


Writer-director Manav Kaul’s Hindi play Chuhal, which is an informal Hindi word for banter, is set in a small town. Sudhir (Manav Kaul), a simple guy, meets and falls for Aarti (Srishti Srivastava), a strong-willed woman. They get to know each other but she’s not sure there’s a future in their relationship.
When: Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4 at 7pm and 9pm.

‘Pitaji Please’

In writer-director Makarand Deshpande’s Hindi drama Pitaji Please (pictured above), Sanjay and Sania, a couple, decide to marry. There’s one catch: their conservative folks are unlikely to approve as Sanjay is Hindu and Sania is Muslim. The kids decide to tell their parents white lies. Sania dissembles as Swati before Sanjay’s family and Sanjay becomes Shahid.
When: Saturday, October 5 at 6pm and 9pm.

‘Epic Gadbad’

In Makarand Deshpande’s Marathi play Epic Gadbad, a girl desires a lavish wedding. Her efforts to ensure she has her dream wedding go awry resulting in a hysterical set of events.
When: Sunday, October 6 at 5pm and 8pm.

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The Symphony Orchestra of India will perform pieces by composers such as Cimarosa, Bach, Mozart and Schubert.
When: Monday, October 7 at 8pm.

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