WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Isn’t seeing those words appear on your screen the best feeling ever? Whether you’re a noob or an Elite level player and above, you can agree that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is something that you can just keep mastering. There are a whole lot of tips and tricks to get closer to that chicken dinner and we’ll help you discover them. You can browse through the categories that you need to get better at or go through all of them for the ultimate PUBG guide:

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First things first, you’ve got to have the right loot to get you into that last tiny zone. Here’s how:

1. Where you land will directly affect the kind of loot you find. Big towns have the best loot but are also the most dangerous. The perfect solution is to head to the small clusters of buildings around these areas. If you’re feeling confident, you can head to the edges of the map which always have some pretty epic loot.

2. Before you try to get your gun of choice or find the perfect scope, it’s ideal to get some key items first. Try to find your helmet, vest, and backpack (the higher level, the better). Also, pick up the first assault rifle (AR) you see since they’re useful in any situation.

3. After the zone closes for the first time, pistols are pretty much useless. Drop them as soon as you get the guns and ammo of your choice or you’ll be wasting some precious inventory space.

4. Haven’t found the loot that you need? It’s not the end of the world. You can adapt according to what you have with you. You can camp inside a building if you’ve got a shotgun or head to a high spot if you’ve got a scope and a crossbow. After that, all you have to do is get one kill to earn your victim’s entire loot.

5. Damaged armor is one thing that most players tend to ignore. Swap your damaged vest or helmet for a lower level undamaged version for the best protection. Look at the number next to it in your inventory to compare.

Bonus Tip: You can actually put the pin back into a frag grenade if you’ve triggered it by mistake. All you have to do is drag it from the grenade slot to the storage column in your inventory.


Once you’re all set with looting, it’s time to get the game going. Use these tips to be the best at battle when the firing begins:

1. Contrary to popular belief, the game is not all about getting the kills. You have to be the last one standing and sometimes that means you will have to avoid combat. Only engage with another opponent if you’re completely sure that you can get the kill or if there’s no way you can flee.

2. Remember the above tip even when you’re sniping. Don’t take the shot unless you can also get the kill, otherwise, you’re just going to draw unwanted attention to yourself.

4. When you’re fighting a squad or multiple players, just focus on getting them knocked out. Once there is no other threat around, you can go for the kill.

5. If you’re getting sniped at or taking fire from someone far away, do not go prone. You’ll still be in their line of sight ready to get killed. Instead, just sprint and zig-zag your way to cover or out of their view. If there’s vehicle around, just speed away! It’s very unlikely that they’ll bother chasing you around.

Bonus Tip: Although a high graphics setting can make playing PUBG so much more fun, you can use the opposite to your advantage. Turn down your foliage settings to make the grass and bushes lighter, making it easier for you to spot hiding opponents who won’t see it coming.


While you may want to rake in the kills with your combat skills, keeping your health up is just as important. Here’s how you can use your boosts and meds the best way possible:

1. Know when to use bandages to your advantage. Since they take a while and multiple attempts to get your health all the way up, players tend to avoid using bandages. However, it is best to use bandages early on in the game when you have the time to heal up and save those first-aid and med-kits for when the action is high and you need to heal super quick.

2. When the game comes down to the last 10 people, it will be a great advantage if you start popping the painkillers and energy drinks even if your health is full. There’s no point saving them anyways.

Bonus Tip: Energy drinks aren’t just useful for health. If you consume two cans back to back, you can even get a running boost for situations when you need to sprint super fast.


Since your ultimate motive is to be the last to survive in the PUBG match, it is always best to have an intelligent plan in mind. Here’s how you can stay two steps ahead of your enemies:

1. This might seem like an obvious thought, but it is always best to play with PUBG with headphones on. You can pinpoint nearby enemies just by paying attention to the direction that the sound is coming from. It even helps when opponents are crouching or moving while prone around you.

2. Make the most of the little cues that the game offers you. The mini-map helps you detect nearby shots and footsteps as well as the red and the blue zone. The eye button is super helpful if you want to look all around you while you’re on the move or while you are hiding. Even the voice chat can be helpful when you can overhear enemy teams.

3. If you’re a player that’s all about the stealth then it’s best if you play the game barefoot. It is super helpful when you’re caught in a situation when the slightest sounds could give away your location.

4. PUBG has some pretty cool controls but you can tailor it to your needs and make it even better. Go to the settings menu and customize your controls so that you can bring your best game to the table.

5. If you’re looking for a unique place to hide, the backseat of a closed jeep is the perfect spot. The vehicle won’t be turned on since you’re in the driver seat and there’s no reason for most players to suspect that a player may be sitting inside a vehicle with no one in the driver’s seat.

6. Towards the end of the game, it might be a good idea to play on the edges of the circle. That way, you will hear anyone trying to enter the zone while you can also keep an eye in front of you to see any movement inside the zone.

7. Patience is always key when your goal is to survive. Take things slow and observe the situation around you before you make any moves, especially when you’re in the final three. It’s best to stay hidden if your opponents don’t know where you are. It is very likely that they will engage each other, leaving you with the exact location of the remaining opponent.

Bonus Tip: Extra loot can make the perfect bait. If you know someone’s around and you want to lure them out, just drop something tempting like a first aid kit or your empty flare gun. It is very likely that, if they didn’t see you drop it, they will move in to grab it.

Have you used most of these tactics before? If yes, you’re probably a regular chicken dinner winner. If not, you’ve got more than enough training now to grab that win. Now that you’re all pumped up to play your best match, check out these upcoming PUBG events: