If you have ever been to Pune then you fairly understand how much of a cultural hub the city has become. With events happening all year around you never really run out of options. But there is also a subcategory of events that has been rocking the scene in the city. We are talking about the stand-up comedy scene in Pune. And if you happen to be in Pune then you are in luck as a lot of great comics are in the line to tickle your funny bone. In this article, we will be covering the two that we are most excited for. So, let’s get to it.

Indian Comedy Club Presents Funny Side Up with Abijit Ganguly and Vikram Poddar

Now, when it comes to comedy, what most people are on the lookout for is a performance that is rib-tickling funny. And seldom do people get to attend such events where the performance really has them laughing like never before. The 'Funny Side Up' with Abijit Ganguly and Vikram Poddar is exactly that kind of event. You will have a hard time not laughing and the witty one-liners just might catch you off-guard. So head over to Funny Side Up and catch Abijit Ganguly and Vikram Poddar narrating their funny tales and tickling your funny bones. This is live comedy at its very best and it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Humorously Yours Tour – Vipul Goyal Live

If you have seen the very popular web-show, Humorously Yours then you already know how funny Vipul Goyal is. And now, Vipul Goyal, the star of the super hot show, Humorously Yours, is coming to your town to perform some of his best jokes. So you get to witness him Live! So witness him causing a laugh riot in your city! Vipul has stand-up views online of about 10 million, and many of his jokes now have a cult status, so be there to witness the best jokes that you will ever listen to, live!

So now you know how funny it is going to be this summer in Pune. And, you can be there to witness some of hilarious acts in town. But Pune has a lot more brewing if you care to explore. Where can you explore? All you have to do is head to our website and you will find yourself in the midst of some of the best events happening in Pune.