Comedy is one of the best stress relievers out there and from time to time, everyone needs to get a dose of it. In a city that is full of people who are always in a hurry, it is necessary that we get a large dose of comedy. We have countless venues across the city for this and many stand-up comedians come touring here with their one-hour specials, specially designed to make you laugh. So Mumbaikars, don't miss these 13 comic acts in your city while you are trying to beat the April heat. 

1. Fresh Thoughts by Kunal Kamra

When: 4th April
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri.
Kunal Kamra does stand-up in order to satisfy his need to ridicule and mock what he sees in his daily life. He's brutally honest and he has a twisted take on his observations. His material is fresh, edgy and not to mention, hilarious. You can read more about him here.
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2. Buffering by Sumit Anand

When: 5th April
Where: The School of Thought, Andheri
Sumit Anand has a YouTube channel of his stand-up videos. You can watch one of them right below and then go ahead and book tickets for this comic, who has performed across continents.
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3. Shadows by Daniel Fernandes

Where: MRP, Andheri.
When: 5th April

Shadows is Daniel Fernandes' latest stand-up comedy special that takes him on a tour across India and beyond. He has been working on this special for a long time and is excited to share it with friends, fans, and those who don't know about him. Read what we thought about it here.
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4. It Gets Worse by Vikramjit Singh

Where: The School of Thought, Andheri.
When: 5th April

This trial show is the one before the special show that makes people laugh, think, and in extreme cases, jump off their seats in ecstasy. Here, you have 60 minutes of raw jokes and stories that will be honed on their journey towards the said special.
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5. Don't by Vaibhav Sethia

When: 7th April
Where: The Habitat, Khar.
Vaibhav Sethia loves
the potential energy and hates kinetic energy. This is your last chance to watch the stand-up special of his important life moments, live. You can read more about it here.
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6. The Etceteras

When: 7th April
Where: Cuckoo Club, Bandra.
Get ready to experience an evening of Improv comedy with The Etceteras. 
The improvised theatre is when comedy is created on the spot. So come and experience something epic that is completely made up, with the help of your suggestions.
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7. Bear with Me(hta) by Aakash Mehta

When: 7th and 8th April
WhereBackspace, Thane and Canvas Laugh Club, Lower Parel.
1000+ shows, 10+ videos and three and a half hours later, Mehta is still calling his special 'Bear with Me.' He has a weakness for puns that won't make you stop laughing. We loved his special and you can read what we thought about it here.

8. Dark Thoughts by Kunal Rao

When: 8th April
Where: Independence Brewing Company, Andheri.
As age catches up with Kunal, so does cynicism. It really doesn't help that he's reading all the wrong books. He has prepared a stand-up special with all of his dark thoughts and this is one of the many trial shows along the way.
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9. The Desi and The Dude

When: 8th April
Where: Hive at Gostana, Bandra.
East meets West in this 45-minute Improv performance that will change your life. Don't miss this unique kind of comedy where the performance is created based on your suggestions.
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10. Best of Guptaji by Appurv Gupta

Where: Canvas Laugh Club, Lower Parel.
When: 11th April
Guptaji has given three back-to-back super-hit solos in the last two years – Appurview, Relationship or Relationshit, and Laugh with an Engineer. Now watch him perform the best of all his shows in a single special. You can read what we think about him here.
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11. Amit Tandon Live

When: 13th April
Where: Rang Sharda, Bandra.
He is known as 'The Married Guy' in the stand-up comedy circuit. After two kids and one marriage, he realized that it couldn't get any worse and took to comedy. Read what we think about his show here and get ready for one of the funniest shows you will ever witness.
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12. Coming Out Soon by Navin Noronha

When: 14th, 15th, 20th, and 21st April
WhereBackspace, ThaneThe Square, PowaiHive at Gostana, Bandra, and Cuckoo Club, Bandra.
Navin Noronha has been doing stand-up for three years now and people remember him from his performances on Queens of Comedy and Son of Abish. Now, he is preparing for his stand-up special
with trial shows all across the city. Come, join him on this anxiety-fueled self-affirming trip.

13. Thoda Saaf Bol

When: 17th April
Where: Hotel Four Points Sheraton, Navi Mumbai.
Abhishek Upmanyu, one of the funniest guys in the Indian stand-up scene, is ready with one hour of new jokes, observations, and never-minds in his new special, unceremoniously titled 'Thoda Saaf Bol'. He has been touring with this special for some time and here's what we think about it.
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