Garbage bins, basketballs, lighters, bags, newspapers, breath-mints- these might seem as average common place objects to you, but not for these two people. For Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas these objects represented an idea. They saw in them what others couldn't, they saw an opportunity to create magic. And so STOMP was born in the streets of Brighton UK, the brainchild of two geniuses who dared to dream big.

A percussion group, STOMP makes use of everyday objects in ingenious ways to put on a physical theatre performance that is at once both colossal and magnificent. When they commenced on their journey twenty-five years back, little did they anticipate the mammoth success that was waiting for them.

Since 1991 they've held performances all over the world, including Orpheum Theatre in New York City, Melbourne, The Acropolis in Athens and The Royal Festival Hall in London. Now for the first time ever, they'll be holding their electrifying gig in the city of Mumbai. First the Global Citizen Festival and now STOMP, the latter half of 2016 is definitely turning out to be unexpectedly eventful for all Mumbaikars.

What makes STOMP one of the best percussion groups is the free flowing dose of humor, acrobats and theatrics they add to their music performance. If an evening of high-octane performance infused with music that boasts of a feel-good rhythm is what you're after, then the musical event STOMP is your answer.

Having taken their passion for this project one step forward, the creators of STOMP, Cresswell and McNicholas have also directed a short documentary in 2002 titled Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey. A movie inspired by the theatrical performances of STOMP, it also gives an insightful look at the various other international percussion groups performing in various other parts of the world.

The NCPA theatre that is famous for putting up a lot of the plays in Mumbai is the chosen venue for the STOMP musical performance. Coming December, your entertainment is taken care of. So save the dates and book your tickets with us, because there is no excuse that can justify missing out on a performance as electrifying and as unusually happening as this one!