After a tiring week at work, don't you love to let your hair down and party hard over the weekend. Well, we don’t blame you. The daily routine can get boring and once its Friday, its time to have a blast. Mind you though -this weekend is not your regular weekend – it is going to be a long one and the one that ushers in the new year! We sincerely hope you avoid the following 5 things we do all year round.

Sleeping in 

You may be sleep deprived during the week but this weekend is just not for snoozing the alarm. If you have trouble staying awake, sip a coffee or an energy drink and get on the dance floor. This is the best time to make some memories with your pals. 


Binge watching

Our love for Netflix is unparalleled and it’s wonderful to watch a marathon of your favorite TV shows over the weekend. But Crown and Black Mirror can wait to make way for some actual fun this NYE. But this experience of a lifetime cannot.


House parties

House parties are lovely. You get to spend time with your close friends and they are lighter on the pocket…and done to death! This weekend is no place for a house party. Instead, head out and take part in some fun activities. 


Grocery shopping

With so many online services delivering groceries to your doorstep, you have no reason to go out and purchase them yourself. Trust us, it is a complete waste of time. Besides what is this way of bringing in the new year, eh? So, don't cook, and indulge in some delicious food over four days. 


Going to a club

Drinking a copious amount of alcohol, dancing till your feet hurt and throwing up the next morning – how many times have you done this? Exactly! Do something new on the last weekend of 2017…something more exciting. Like what you ask?


Well, the biggest party of the year – Ola Sunburn Festival 2017 – is taking place in Pune. It’s a four-day long celebration of electronic music. Catch the EDM sensations DVLM, DJ SNAKE, KSHMR, Martin Garrix, Afrojack and many more perform live. It's going to be a weekend unlike any other and the perfect way to end this year and bring in the next. Get your tickets to LIVE, LOVE, and DANCE like never before. Welcome 2018 with style and your whole year is bound to be perfect!