Have you heard of Indiana Jones? The famous fictional explorer who treads uncharted territory? Yes, I felt something like that when I went to watch this play. I know you think, it’s a bad analogy and it probably is but I felt like I was discovering something new with each scene. Suspense full throughout, the play doesn’t disappoint.

Directed by Shakeel Sayani, the veteran actor, and director who is well known in the theater community has put his heart and soul in this play. The play starts on an off-beat note with a man screaming for his dear life. With red lights flashing around, you know it’s an intense scene but before you grasp any of it, the scene ends.  It’s all hazy at first but the scene makes much more sense towards the end. As for the plot, the story is all about three blind men who run a special club for blind people. Since the aim of the club is to attract fellow blind men, the membership fees are at all time low or to put it in different words – Taxfree. Well, the fun starts when a new member named  Kale played by the veteran director himself joins this club. From there on, the events that unfold take a surprising yet humorous turn.

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A loud shout out for the Shakeel Sayani here for carrying himself with ease and portraying as a blind person with ease. His comic timing and ingenuity are laudable. His portrayal of a middle-aged man trying to enjoy the nuances of life even after losing his eyesight is impeccable. Krishna Verma is on par with Sayani with his acting skills and he delivers good. As for Sudarshan and Sumedh, they do their bit to great extent.

It’s when the trio of Pandharpur (Krishna Verma), Master (Sudarshan Rathode), Jagtap (Sumedh Gill) decide to take Kale's case (Shakeel Sayani) that the humor really elevates. It indeed is a comedy of errors.

Having said that, I do have some issues with the background score or the lack of it. There are a few moments where they could really use an intense background score to make a bigger impact. It not only elevates the scene to another level but also brings out the best in the actors. Moreover, a few times, you would think that the whole act would lead to something only to be disappointed. But such instances are few and rare. So if I had to summarize it all, I would definitely pick this play as my weekend getaway.

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