Monsoons have officially hit Mumbai and soon the novelty of lazing around inside your home and looking at the relentless rain will wear off. There are only so many pakodas that can entice you to stay indoors or only so many romantic movies that you have a threshold for. Although the time may seem ripe to drive to Lonavala or any other clichéd weekend destination, the thought of traffic and overcrowding itself is enough to discourage the most avid of adventurers. In that case, why not think inside the city limits?

Only the sky in Mumbai may seem dull, but the city that never sleeps is open to entertaining even in the monsoons. The Cuckoo Club at Bandra will be hosting a range of delightful shows that will give you more than enough reason to ditch those pajamas and head out. Not many people are aware of this, but The Cuckoo Club, generally associated with comedy, is also home to a host of other interesting events too. A contemporary arts performance venue, this club is home to off-beat music, cinema, poetry, literature, comedy, and many engaging workshops.

Today, we’ll give you a list of some great events you can enjoy this month at The Cuckoo Club in Mumbai’s favorite neighborhood, Bandra.

1) Daastan-E-Ghalib

Get ready to travel back to the 1800s with a sher-o-shayari-filled drama, Daastan-E-Ghalib. The story of one of the greatest poets of India, this drama takes you on his journey of success, emotions, and love while you discover yourself.

2) Rewind Reverse Repeat

What happens when two characters find themselves in a courtroom facing the end of their marriage and are forced to travel back in time and re-live the journey of their happy times? Full of physical comedy, drama, and satire, this play takes you through a story of conflicting emotions and charged dialogues before coming to an unexpected end.

3) Jazzing up with Latin

If theatre is not your thing, then you may want to take a break and enjoy the season with a super fun combination of Latin and Jazz moves. Originating from Afro-America and Puerto Rico, these dance forms are gracious, liberating, and fun. This workshop brought to you by Pranjali Chauhan promises to lift your spirits while arming you with memories to cherish and moves that’d kill!

4) Blue Ticks

What happens when the trust in a relationship starts being defined by blue ticks and not by the love shared between two people? Is technology really to blame for the love lost? Has finding love got easier but staying in love become tougher? Find answers to all these questions in a rib-tickling performance that is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic.

5) The Princess Who Never Laughed

This story is about a princess who was so tired of being a princess that she didn’t want to remain a princess any longer. Sounds weird? Maybe so. The princess in question is tired of wearing fancy clothes, eating great food, and living in the castle. What happens when she finds the courage to demand some commoner fun?

6) Carnatic 2.0

An experimental project that aims to bring Carnatic compositions in a modern style, Carnatic 2.0 is all set to create some great fusion music that you are sure to enjoy. With musical creativity at its best, this event will also introduce you to some very talented upcoming musicians and treat you to their talent.

7) Noor

An Ancient Persian saga of love, lust, and treachery, Noor is a musical that will take you back 1000 years to an ancient story in Persia- a story of a love so powerful, that it changed the course of history. It is based on Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salome’ and will definitely give you goosebumps!

8) Dekh Behen

After sixteen packed houses across Bombay and Delhi, Dekh Behen is returning once more with a fully female cast and crew. The story of five bridesmaids who all dislike the bride, this shaadi ka function is about daughters, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, wives and a lot of comedy.

You can check out more events at this venue here. Competition is the ugly truth of life; so it’s time to beat the crowd to book seats for these exciting shows or else feel sorry later for lazing around a bit more than necessary this monsoon.