Have you been dreaming about mangoes, popsicles, and ice-creams lately? Do you find yourself searching for air-conditioners wherever you go? With the temperature skyrocketing, we can definitely say that summer’s made a grand entrance into our daily lives. In case you are wondering if hibernation is an option in summers, think again. We’ve got the perfect plan to make this your best summer ever. Awesome enough that you’d be raving about this summer for years, even to your grandkids. So, grab your sunglasses and read through our sparkling plan:

Head to an Amusement Park

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Get busy splashing at water theme parks or go on an epic thrill ride with your friends and family at an amusement park. Plan a fun-filled trip with Splash 2018 and enjoy playing games like dumb charades or antakshari on your ride. Bring all your friends and family as the only rule is – the more the merrier. 

Attend A Concert

Summer is the perfect time to jam to your favorite music, right? Think of all those long summer late night drives with music blasting on your stereos. Or all those awesome summer karaoke nights. Music gets better in summer, right? Take your love for music a notch higher by attending a concert of a band like One Republic and screaming out the lyrics of your favorite artist.

Witness A Play Or A Musical

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Get dramatic this summer and allow the theater aficionado in you to bloom while you attend a play. Attend a musical like Aladdin or The Sound of Music and revisit your good ol’ childhood days while you sing along all the songs.

Take A Break And Go On A Trip

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If you are wiping sweat down your brow as you are reading this, then you need to plan a vacation ASAP. Summer’s the time where the hills are alive – so head to the hills in the countryside. Or go lake camping and witness the sunrise. If you are craving for an exquisite experience, head for a yacht cruise and fall in love with the bluest waters ever.

Try Some Adventure Sports

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For all those who crave the rush of adrenaline, is there a better time than summer to experience the ‘darr ke aage jeet hain’ moment? Try kayaking,scuba-diving, river rafting or snorkeling and tick off things from your bucket list.

Attend A Class Or A Workshop

If you thought summers are all about lazing on your couch and watching reruns, wait! You can have a lot of fun, make new friends and pick up a new skill while you attend some classes or a workshop. Try doodling, pottery or knife painting and even when the sun goes down you’ll remain shining.

Get Your Forks Out

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If you happen to be a foodie, then it’s time to rejoice! This list has got you covered. Traverse miles and miles and cross the seven seas while you sample various cuisines. Try When You See Food, Eat It -The Prawn Masala Special at the Bohri Kitchen. Let your palates on a gastronomical journey and your tummy would definitely proclaim this summer to be the best one ever!

Now that we’ve laid an awesome plan for you, get going and celebrate summer like never before!

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By Varsha Pillai