The theatre scene in India is an extremely exciting one. Not only is it exciting for the reason that theatre is one of the main modes of expression of the various facets of life, which of course it is! But what is remarkable is that these days, the theatre scene in India seems to be totally tackling with many issues in a lighter manner. It has now become a central element in theatre and the effects of it can be widely felt across.

Agreed, that whenever we hear about theatre, what immediately strikes our mind, is the word serious (leave the theatre lovers). We are not denying that theatre has stopped being serious, for God’s sake! But now on stage, a whole rib-tickling comic act speaks as much as a serious play does, based on one of those Greek tragedies. Whenever such a change takes place in the nature of the art, it is usually because a lot of factors come together to make it happen. The recent needs of theatre of stepping out of the enclosed walls and making a place for itself in the life of an Indian is a feat to be lauded. It is difficult to talk about theatre without staying away from being famous but seems some of the dedicated theatre professionals are intent on making it happen.
Prithvi Theatre as well as NCPA has always staged the best of theatre in India, much to the delight of the Indian audience and is a central attraction for all who prefer thought-provoking stuff. Catch a play any day at Prithvi and you will find it hard to choose from the the list of currently running plays. Similarly, The Old World Theatre Festival has made a name for itself in India as they continue to stage exciting plays. They are for the general audience and maintain a sense of simplicity and fun to spread across the message. From thought-provoking to rib-tickling comedy, one can enjoy a play and can’t help thinking and often laughing when they step out of the theatre while heading back home.
Plays such as Khatijabai of Karmail and Two To Tango, Three for Jive! are extremely popular among the audience. While one is a serious and thoughtful tale of a quest for a life, the other is the hilarious story of a man fighting through mid-life crisis. Well, as a theatre-lover when one comes across such diversity in the plays, one is bound to find himself all geared up to wait and catch his next favorite play. This is what we say call seriously cool!
Watch out for more interesting plays happening in your city and get ready to feel enriched with one of the purest forms of art. 

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