The ground starts to rumble. It feels like thunder is approaching. The sound gets louder, there is a dust plume up in the distance. The thunder starts to get louder, but there isn’t a cloud in sight. It reaches a crescendo and lo, there we see it. Thousands of bikers, descending down as wolves on the fold, roll up. One by one, they rev up their engines and then silence. 
The biker festival has begun. 
All over the world, there are bikers. Wherever there is order and totalitarian approach to life, there is someone in a leather jacket saying “Let’s ride!” This led to the creation of biker festivals. There are quite a few out there. Some are for the Harleys, some are exclusively for superbikes, some are for classics, some are for choppers and many more. But all are welcoming. You don’t need a bike to enjoy a biker festival, all you need is the spirit of a biker. If you are wondering what might be your speed, here are a few festivals. Check them out. Inside everyone is the spirit of rebellion, we just need that kickstart to get it out. 
1. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally:
Rolling Thunder, pouring rain. AC DC’s lyrics resound through the air. It is Sturgis. A small town in South Dakota. Population 6842 approx. and home to the biggest gathering of bikers in the whole of the States. You will be struck by the sheer size of the whole festival. Everyone is welcome. Young, old, crazy, wild and free. If you ever need to see Harleys of every size and shape, drop by and feel the pulse. Oh, this rally is over 74 years old. There are Grandpas who have met their SOs right there.
Started in 1997, in the cold and wet of May. A gathering of classic bikes, where you need more than a prayer to start. With notable guests like Giacomo Agostini and James May, there have been showcases of the old school and the new. And a RAF Spitfire roared across the sky. It takes a crazy level of passion to be a part of this mental gathering.
3. Laconia Bike Week:
Held in New Hampshire, USA, Laconia Bike Week is noted for the fact it started with a Gypsy tour. This bike week either starts or ends with Fathers Day.
4. Republic of Texas Biker Rally
Everything is big in Texas and they certainly mean it with this bike rally. This is the largest ticketed motorcycle rally in the states. Thousands flock to Austin, TX and raise the noise to unbelievable levels. There are rockers who also decide to drop what they are doing and headline the show. Past acts have included Joan Jett, Twisted Sister, Los Lonely Boys to name a few. 
5. Daytona Bike Week
Sun, sand and speed. That is the spirit of the Daytona Bike Week. A 10-day event that has everything from races to concerts to street parties and street festivals. It contends with Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as the most popular motorcycle rally in the states. 
6. Bulldog Bash:
A small-ish island and a bunch of tough guys on bikes. What happens? The Bulldog Bash gets founded. Started by the notorious Hells Angels, this bike festival has been operating since 1987. Based just outside the birthplace of William Shakespeare, there are bikes, rock concerts, pretty girls and a whole lot more. 
7. Black Bike Week:
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is host to the Black Bike Week. No, the bikes are not painted black. This place is a haven for racing, riding and styling. It is the largest African-American motorcycle rally in the US.
8. Ireland Bike Fest
The Irish like to ride too. Set in Killarney and established in 2006, this fest has turned into a highlight of the Irish festival calendar. There are different types of
bikes that show up and also in the end, everyone just heads out for a pint. 
9. India Bike Week
The road unites us all. So what better way to celebrate the unity than by creating a gathering? Hence, the India Bike Week was born. A collection of experienced riders came together and created this wonderful adventure. Where a twist of the throttle meets the horizon. 
Riders of India, unite. BFI will be held at Buddh International Circuit. With features such as M.S. Dhoni’s Hellcat, Triumph Motorcycles, drag racing, races, camping and so much more, this festival has it all. All you need is to do get there and be a part of this amazing festival. You will be amazed at the sheer size of the event. And also, if you are interested, you can ride on the race track. Get your tickets and ride on!

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