A true foodie is one who is ready to experiment with all kinds of cuisines that most other people would find disgusting. So vegans, vegetarians, and other picky eaters should probably remove the ‘foodie’ tag they have added to their Instagram profiles. While most foodies would eat anything under the sun, it takes a special person to experiment with food that comes from under the sea. Fish-eating people are rare but you always know when you find one. Here are the common traits of all seafood lovers.

They talk about fish every time someone brings up food.

Did you mention food? Do you know what goes well with that? Fish! Fish is healthy. Fish is tasty. Fish is practically vegetarian. If you ever mention anything related to eating, seafood lovers are sure to pounce up with their opinions on how lovely everything under the sea is.

Common Tendencies of Fish Lovers - BookMyShow

They eat fish at least once a day.

Fish is one of the rare meats you can eat all the time without overdosing on it. And seafood lovers find a way to include fish in every meal without repeating any dishes. Because only they can eat all kinds of fish – raw or cooked.

Common Tendencies of Fish Lovers - BookMyShow

They experiment with new seafood dishes.

Most people are disgusted by the idea of raw fish. But not seafood lovers!  They indulge in all kinds of fish cuisines, especially from southeastern Asia. They also love eating parts of the fish – like the eyes and the head – that others would find gross.

Common Tendencies of Fish Lovers - BookMyShow

They always criticize picky fish eaters.

Are you one of those who only eats the body of the fish and leaves the head behind? You better not be eating around a seafood lover then. They know how to properly indulge in seafood cuisines and eat the whole fish, leaving no piece behind.

Common Tendencies of Fish Lovers - BookMyShow

They quote Kurt Cobain.

All your lectures on veganism fall on deaf ears when you’re talking to seafood lovers. Most pescatarians (a term for people who only eat the meat of fish) claim that fish is vegetarian. And Kurt Cobain agrees!

Common Tendencies of Fish Lovers - BookMyShow

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