Ever felt like visiting a city that is full of happening events? Well, that city is none other than Bengaluru. The city can literally be termed as the epicenter of the best events in the country. And, why is that the case? That is the case because the events happening in the city come in all shapes and sizes. We are going to cover some in the article and you are going to find them really hard to resist!

Art of Photography – 2- day Workshop Basic Level

Photography is an art that is mastered if you have someone to guide you, and this workshop aims to do exactly that. The whole idea is to get you started so that you can be on your way to clicking great pictures with your camera. The workshop is catered towards all, and is catered especially towards those who an affinity towards photography but want to learn the ropes from someone who is an expert.

Thoda Saaf Bol: Stand-Up Special by Abhishek Upmanyu

You do know Abhishek Upmanyu, the guy who can tickle your funny bone with just a line and when it gets to stories he can induce rib-hurting laughter that never seems to stop. And this funny guy is coming to Bangalore to take you along on a ride that is filled with laughter. With a delivery style that is unique and jokes that are quirky, you know this one shouldn’t be missed.

Jus'Fusion (An Evening of Sitar Music)

Are you fond of Sitar? If yes, then this event was tailored for you. The event will have an hour- long Sitar recital with different presentations. The presentations will have Ragas, each of which will be in a unique combination that will try evoking a certain mood in the audiences. Sitar is an instrument that is incredibly difficult to master and if played right, gives out rhythms that soothe the listener's soul. If you have never experienced a sitar event live, then it is highly recommended that you go for this one. Filled with rhythmic and soulful compositions, this event will leave you with a new perspective on music and new found depth.

Start-up your career with Big Data Hadoop (Hands-on day workshop)

There is no denying that the information technology industry is constantly on the lookout for personnel who are good at handling Big data and technologies like Hadoop. This workshop aims to keep you ready for the industry so that you can make a foray into it. The workshop is catered towards those who are interested in getting an in-depth understanding of Big Data and Hadoop so that they can have better opportunities in the future.

What is not happening in Bangalore? That’s an important question as a lot’s happening and all of them are worth attending. So if you are on the lookout for more events or want to book for any of them, just visit our website.