What events are happening in Mumbai? The answer to this question is too long to sum up in one article. But what we can do is sum up some of them so that you can gist of the events that are going to take place in the city that refuses to sleep. What really makes the whole thing all the more exciting is the fact that Mumbai as a city has a vibe that is just different. And, not for the sake of being different, the people and the culture is just filled with energy that’s contagious. This only makes the events all the more happening!

First Thoughts by Kunal Kamra

Every joke is conceived as a thought and has to go through multiple hoops before it finally gets its chance to be cracked in front of an audience! Join Kunal Kamra for an evening that is filled with first thoughts along with second opinions and be warned, you just might find yourself rolling on the floor laughing.

A Charcoal Sketching Workshop by Bombay Drawing Room

Ever tried your hand at sketching with charcoal? It is an art form that is highly appreciated and can be learned. That’s what this workshop is all about! The Charcoal Sketching workshop teaches you various techniques that helps you understand the nitty gritties of the art form and that too, from the best. If you are inclined to learn the dramatic, rich markings that are left by charcoal and create magic then you should be attending this event.

Dimmu Borgir Tribute by Cosmic Infusion – Thursday Live!

If you are a fan of the biggest Symphonic Black Metal band in the world, Dimmu Borgir from Norway, then this event is tailor made for you. Cosmic Infusion will be paying tribute to them and you must be there to witness this exciting and amazing event. Dimmu Borgir was founded in Oslo Norway in the year 1993 and ever since then they have released a slew of successful albums. Cosmic Infusion is a Symphonic Black Metal band based out of Mumbai, India.

The above events are sure as hell exciting, but the gravy train doesn’t stop here! There is so much more and you shouldn’t be missing out on any of it! Just visit our website and get the latest news on the best events in town! And, if you feel like attending any then just get your tickets booked and you will be on your way to experiencing some of the best entertainment.