5 Things To Do This Republic Day After Hoisting The Flag

Republic Day is one of the most important national holidays in India because it gives us a chance to celebrate the greatness of our country. Every Indian is acquainted with the rituals of 26th January – singing along to patriotic songs, hoisting the flag, and having some sweets. But what if you could do more to celebrate India on Republic Day beyond the usual? Here are five special ways to celebrate this special holiday.

1. Hiking & Trekking

India is full of wonders and hidden beauty that you don’t usually find in your everyday life. Some of the forts and natural spectacles are the ones you have to do some considerable trekking to reach. You could celebrate Republic Day at a trek that would make the day even more meaningful – such as climbing to the highest peak in Maharashtra to hoist the flag.

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2. Stand-up Comedy

Everybody loves to laugh, and there are many comedy events lined up on 26th January to celebrate the day India truly became a republic nation. Head out with your loved ones for some light-hearted stand-up comedy shows in the evening to end Republic Day on a happy note.

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3. Food

Ever since we were children, we’ve all loved to eat the sweets distributed after the flag hoisting. But what if you could have a whole meal that was centered around Republic Day? Feasting on multiple delicacies has to be one of the most special ways to celebrate the day.

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4. Music 

India has one of the most diverse cultures and music is certainly an important part of it. With Republic Day being on Saturday this year, there are many musical ways to spend the night. Hear some classical melodies or dance to DJs – celebrate in the way that you love!

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5. Movies

One of India’s premier entertainment happens to be movies and there are many options for film lovers on Republic Day too. You can relive the time of the British Raj and see one of India’s greatest warrior queens in Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi or see the life of a great politician in ThackerayURI – The Surgical Strike and The Accidental Prime Minister are also an apt watch in case you haven’t seen them already.

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