An evening with Lal Ded

Based on the works of famous Kashmiri poet Lal Ded, this will be an enlightening experience on watching how an artist really rises above the social malice and religious confrontation to unify people with the humanity of his/her work. Also, important as one will get to know about the perspective of  female poet which genuinely will impart a woman’s point of view. A profound realization of the fact that humanity is timeless and stand true for all ages.

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Schitz En Giggles

See the art of improvisation blend seamlessly with stand-up comedy. This will be surely a one-of-its-kind as the spontaneity of this performance driven comedy act is the USP, where the audience participation is quite encouraged as they can give the suggestions and ideas to the artists.

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Aditi Mittal, Rajneesh Kapoor, Tanmay Bhat

This Sunday, gear yourself up for a hilarious evening with Aditi Mittal, Rajneesh Kapoor & Tanmay Bhat.

Aditi Mittal’s official profile over the Internet describes her as "The 477th in line for the prestigious Mittal Steel fortune so if you’re nice to her she might remember you when she’s rich." She also starred on CNN IBN’s Phenking News with Cyrus Broacha.

Rajneesh Kapoor who is actor-director Rajat Kapoor’s brother, has worked a host of weird jobs in his life including one as a waiter in a Goa shack. His comedy is all about looking at the same old world in a new way, his way.

Tanmay Bhatt’ has worked with Weirdass Comedy where he conceptualized and scripted large events like The Filmfare Awards. Tanmay’s observational humor can bring the saddest of houses rolling with laughter!

If laughter is the best medicine it’s available in bulk at the Canvas Laugh Factory.

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Hariharan Live In Concert

Music is to soul, what words are to mind… For all the music lovers who would even like to do their bit for the environment, this event calls for you. The Ghazal maestro, Padamshri Hariharan is giving his debut live performance in the city, performing at the Dombivli Gymkhana Ground on April 28, 2013 at 6.30 PM. A charity event organized by P.A.W.S (Plants & Animals Welfare Society), it’s a perfect combination of music and philanthropy. So Mumbaikars, what are you waiting for??? Recreating the magic of his popular Ghazals, be at the concert and let your soul loose in his passionate and soothing voice.

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The East India Co.medy Show

While most comedies ask you to leave your brain at home, the EIC asks you to make sure you have your brain in place as well as your funny bone when you enter the NCPA tonight. With some of the wittiest comedies taking the stage tonight, that funny bone of yours is going to need some major surgery tomorrow.

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The Ramleela is certainly not new to us and we’ve seen various adaptations of it. No we’re not suggesting you watch the Ramleela. But picture what would happen when untrained villagers get together to enact the Ramayana, do they manage pulling it off? Or is it nothing short of a circus waiting to unfold and more so, how do their fellow villagers react? Catch this dramatic comedy and revel in the madness!

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Pritam Pyare Pappuji

Pritam Pyare Pappuji is a finely-woven and hilarious play about three people who meet because the pursuit of love brings them closer. Blend in it a realtor and his dubious ways (played by veteran Rakesh Bedi) who is highly inspired by films in real life. Then there is a thug (played by Mazhar Sayed) who bullies his way to get his work done. And finally a sweet, innocent and pretty lady, Dimple (played by popular TV actress, Moulli Ganguly). He loves her and she loves him – which of the two men, you may ask? Watch this play at NCPA Theatre this weekend to know how the story unfolds.

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