“The concept is you never have to leave your neighborhood for comedy, comedy will come to you… like a faithful lover” – Vir Das

Vir Das’ Weirdass Comedy and NH7.in are all set to welcome the New Year with The Weirdass Pajama Festival, the funniest weekend ever known to the Indian subcontinent. This is something that should make it to your list of umpteen New Year Resolutions, the one that you will follow with utmost sincerity. 69 (Interesting number, don’t you think?) absolutely hilarious comedians have vowed to make you laugh so hard that it makes your jaw and tummy ache real hard. At the end of these three days of – laugh… laugh till you drop, you will be left asking for more! Rest assured, you’re in for pure unadulterated comedy spread across 4 locations in Mumbai city. ‘Tis unabashed craziness all the way.

With over 90 shows spread across 9 venues & 9 neighborhoods, this is going to be one weekend of sheer awesomeness! Trust that you will go back to office a totally changed person on Monday morning. Wherever you are in Mumbai, grab your tickets to this fest as soon as you can. Apart from the regular stand-up shows, there are also what we like to term as the comedy sub-genres that include comedy theater, dance, puppetry, sketch theater, and a lot more. This is what will go on to become India’s largest Comedy Festival and it features the biggies in the laughter business – Weirdass Comedy, East India Comedy, All India Bakchod, SchitzenGiggles, Anuvab Pal, Anu Menon, to name a few.
This festival also features the very popular play, Vagina Monologues, that has educated and enthralled the audience at the same time. And of course, who can forget the supremely hilarious comedy-rock band, Alien Chutney, who bewitched everyone with their bone-tickling one-liners and the ever-popular Man Boobs song at Bacardi NH7 Weekender recently. 
The venues for The Weirdass Pajama Festival will be spread across four types of venues – Town, Parelish, Bandra and Beyond and three categories – The Briefs, The Boxers & The Pajamas (some of which include Irish House at Colaba, White Owl at Lower Parel, Wilson College Grounds, Le Sutra at Bandra, Amigos, Andheri). The Pajamas boasts of six flagship shows that the Indian audience will see for the first time. This includes India’s first-ever celebrity Roast, a political-comedy show, a sports-comedy show, a comedy experience for children, as well as a grand masters of comedy event. On the other hand, there are The Boxers, relatively roomier and as Vir Das suggests, great places to hang loose. Lastly, there are Briefs, smaller venues with exciting performances you possibly haven’t witnessed before, or comedy formats you aren’t really used to, but are guaranteed to grow on you, slowly and steadily. According to Das, both, The Boxers and Briefs can be found in your neighborhood, wherever in Mumbai you are based. 
You know what you have to do. Grab your tickets, feast, drink, make merry and give your jaw a LOT of exercise. (Please. Not the other "jaw" exercises)
For booking tickets, click here 

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