On a scale of one to ten, how mundane is your life right now? The same old routine everyday… Come on! It’s time to shake up your life and do something fun!  Are you craving for some adventure and loads of fun? If yes, read on. This August, kick it up a notch with The Mud Rush 2015!  A power-packed event to test your mettle. Yep, Mud Rush is India’s premier adventure festival, which will kick start on 8 August, 2015 at Dudhani Lake, Silvassa. Sounds fun? In case you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why MudRush 2015 is going to be the most exciting event of the year!

1. This year, The Mud Rush is going to be tougher, harder, and uncut! It’s an all-terrain marathon style fun run that will stretch across more than 5 km circuit. And of course, there’ll be tons of obstacles. These obstacles encompass 30-foot stacks of hay, water bodies, barrier walls, 100 feet stretches of tires, 45 degree hills, fire, ice, and yes, a whole lot of mud. So, prepare yourself for a mud-attack!

2. The Mud Rush is not just about endurance and physical stamina. It will push your mental grit. In case you’re wondering that the event is only for athletes, you’re wrong. The event is open for one and all! But of course there’s an age limit. All the members, participants and spectators will be required to be 16 years and up. Walk, crawl and climb! You can have truckloads of fun while facing the challenges.

3. After all the muddy fun, we all need to loosen up a bit and relax. Gear up to groove at The Mud Rush after party – TMR Nation! The line-up includes popular homegrown DJs and VJs. Celebrate your achievement on the dance floor.

4. Not a party person? Worry not. Have a great camping experience at the pristine Silvassa. Unwind with a warm cup of coffee and share stories with your friends. Pure bliss.

5. Do you seriously need another reason?

The Mud Rush is a perfect destination if you want to getaway from the hullabaloo of city life.  Here’s your chance to let go of your fear and inhibitions. Be a part of The Mad Rush and celebrate fun and freedom. It’s now or never. Click here, to register!