A desire to learn has no age bar! Though we may have left the classroom a long time ago, or been entirely wasted during our college years, we always have a chance to refill the right-hand side of our brain any time, irrespective of our age. And to our luck, there are a spate of mind-expanding activities happening around us. We know it's quite difficult to be informed about all the classes and workshops happening near you, so we took it on ourselves to make it easy for you! Here are three workshops in Mumbai, lined up for this weekend that might interest you.

1. Drone Aviation – Learn and Build Drone Since their invention, drones have generated quite a lot of curiosity in the human mind. If this concept of drones also fascinates you, and you also have a dream of building a drone of your own, this workshop is the one you would definitely want to attend. IEEE WIE VIT in association with Drone Aviation Pvt. Ltd. gives you a chance to learn this science of drones with the help of this workshop that will cover the topics like Aerospace principles of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Electronics Behind operations of drones, Principles of operations of multi-rotors and Practical building of a quadrotor. The workshop is scheduled to be held at Drone Aviation Pvt. Ltd on March 19th .

2.Getting Things Done (GTD) – Fundamental Workshop
Learn the art of stress free productivity in this Corporate workshop happening in Hilton Mumbai this Saturday. In this workshop, you will get to learn critical principles and techniques for gaining and staying in control, in day to day life. In this interactive and engaging workshop, especially designed for those who seek to learn the core GTD methodology, this workshop will help you learn the art of relaxing and de-stressing yourself, both at home and at work.

3.Heal Your Life 2-Day Transformational Workshop
If you are keen to transform your life/health/relationships, this workshop, originally designed by Louise Hay, is for you. This two-day workshop will cover all aspects of the body, mind and spirit. The objective is to make people's lives happier, healthier and more successful in all areas. It will be conducted by Gaurav Behl at Hotel Suba Galaxy over this weekend!


These workshops, covering different aspects of life, are a great opportunity for us to improve upon our lives, one way or the other!