The Two Character Play is one of celebrated playwright Tennessee Williams’ most personal and mystifying works. This is the story of two actors, a brother and a sister, who find themselves deserted by their troupe. They decide to perform a play by themselves titled the Two Character Play.

play within a play, it is an intermingling of fiction and reality and a hauntingly powerful portrayal of the tender and affectionate bond between siblings. Split between two acts, the characters both drift in and out of reality like the ruffle of wings.

The performances by actors Saudamini Kalra and Himanshu Singh are honest and they play Clare and Felice stunningly. The characters are psychologically marred after witnessing their parents’ suicide and seem perpetually on the edge. Terrified of being confined, and equally afraid to go out into the world, they spend most of their time indoors. They are constantly making improvisations in the play, sometimes slipping in snippets of their lives as children.

Clare and Felice are labelled insane because they are out of touch with reality. Their life hangs between the fateful day when their parents died and now, as they perform The Two Character Play. Afraid of the world beyond them, all they have is each other to love and protect to the point of frantic madness.

Why should you watch the play?

The story of a happy family gone awry, leaving the children to fend for themselves. This is play that leaves you confused, breathless and teary-eyed.



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