The evolution of Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of most amazing heroes that has come from the world of Marvel. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Peter Parker was created as an everyday teenager with everyday problems. 

Peter’s life was something most teenagers at the time could connect with. 

The story of his origins, his troubles and his life as a hero has touched the hearts of many comic book fans. 

Over the years, Spider-Man evolved with the times. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko used their amazing storytelling skills and made Spider-Man a character who might have evolved design-wise but his core values have stayed the same. 

Using Ditko’s unique artwork, Lee was able to make a hero who was flawed and yet lovable, human and yet superhuman, troubled and yet focused. And thus the Amazing Spider-Man was born.

They were instrumental in creating some of the best bad guys for Spider-Man, such as the Green Goblin and Electro just to name a few. 

In 1967, Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. came together and a new era of Spider-Man was ushered in. Not forget the introduction of Gwen Stacy and also Mary Jane Watson. The Rhino also makes his entrance. 

In the Sixties, the comic reflected a lot of the problems and situations which shook the world at the time. The anti-segregation of schools, racism, the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War and the effect it had on society; all of these factors shaped Spider-Man and Peter Parker. The story of Spider-Man was profoundly influenced by the work of Lee and Romita Sr. 


In the 70s, Spidey started to change again. The world of Spider-Man expanded. Telling social messages Spider-Man stayed in the public eye. He continued to grow. The character of Felicia Hardy was introduced in this decade. There were a number of notable story arcs which were introduced during this time. So no spoilers, trust me. You will have to see it for yourself.  


As the 80s came around, we got a whole new look for Spider-Man/Peter Parker. The black suit of Spider-Man was introduced to the world as Venom. Silver Sable was also sent tumbling through Spider-Man’s world. During this time, Spider-Man was depicted as the superhero we know today. Wiry, large-eyed, and with twisted webbing, this image of Spider-Man would continue through. 


The 90s gave us a married Spider-Man. As the decade went on, we got a look at how Peter Parker managed his life, his job, his marriage and as Spider-Man. The world is now a different place and as Spider-Man, Peter tries his best. 


By the 2000s, the Amazing Spider-Man was reset and it started all over again with Volume 2. During this time there have been a number of notable arcs which have influenced other Marvel comics. Notable amongst it is the Civil War arc. In the meantime we got to see three Spider-Man movies, and also a re-boot of the Spider-Man franchise. Titled Amazing Spider-Man, the story of Peter Parker was re-told with influences from the Amazing Spider-Man comic series. 

Marvel has announced that in 2014, that the Amazing Spider-Man will return as a comic starting from Issue #1. 

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