What to expect from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

The first teaser for the third instalment of The Hunger Games series has created a lot of buzz since its release. Even though the film doesn’t hit theatres until November, the excitement is palpable!


As fans of the books know, things take a drastic turn in Mockingjay. For everyone else, here’s what you can expect from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1:

1. Though it might seem absurd, Mockingjay will see Katniss taking a backseat to some of the supporting characters.

This didn’t work out too well in the book, which was narrated from Katniss’ point of view. However, it might just be a highlight of the film, as it will allow more focus on other key characters.

2. On the flipside, other beloved characters like Peeta, Johanna and Effie will have lesser screen-time too.

Though Johanna might play a bigger part in Mockingjay – Part 2, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a lot of her in the first-half. Effie, who was arrested after Katniss escaped in Catching Fire, will also have considerably less screen-time. In fact, it is unknown if she will make an appearance in Part 1 at all.

3. Fans of Gale (Liam Hemsworth) can rejoice! The character, who featured prominently in the books, was markedly absent from the first two films. However, Mockingjay is all set to remedy that.

Though we will see a lot more of Gale in the upcoming film, fans of the book know that everything isn’t going to go smoothly. Oh well, some more eye candy never hurt anyone!

4. The Hunger Games and Catching Fire featured flamboyant costumes that made every fashion enthusiast drool. Unfortunately, these won’t be a part of Mockingjay.

Since most of the plot takes place underground in District 13, the costumes will be more subdued than they previously were. Christian Cordella, the costume illustrator for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 said that the attire will be more reminiscent of army clothing than the Capitol’s over-the-top fashion!

5. Another notable thing about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is that it was the last film Philip Seymour Hoffman worked on before he tragically passed away. The actor, who still had a week’s worth of shooting left for Mockingjay – Part 2, will be digitally recreated for the final instalment of the series.

6. In addition to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore, the cast of Mockingjay – Part 1 will also feature some more beloved names; including Natalie Dormer, Mahershala Ali, Patina Miller, Elden Henson, Wes Chatham and Omid Abtahi!

7. Mockingjay being split into two parts will also have another noteworthy advantage – more attention to detail.

The transition from page to screen often means that a lot of important details get left out. While incorporating every element from the books isn’t possible, this might mean that some of our favorite sub-plots might just make their way to the screen.

8. For the most part, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire had the same settings. District 12, the reaping area and the arena seemed a little too familiar the second time around. Mockingjay, however, will have completely new locations. Underground District 13 and the Capitol as we’ve never seen it before – we can’t wait!

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