Here are a few facts about Hercules

As stories go, not many have lasted the test of time like the old Greek myths. We have the whole list. From the Titans (not the one involving Denzel) to the Greek Gods to the story of the “Face that launched a thousand ships” (5 points to whoever get that reference) to the everlasting classic Hercules. You might be wondering what Hercules and his story have anything to do with modern storytelling or films, even. Lets see what elements, this legendary character brings forth.

1. What was his original name?

This is a story whose origins have been shrouded by myth and legend. Originally, he was known as Hercales to the Greeks. As his legend continued, the Romans adopted this legend, and Hercules was born.

2. He was a demigod:

A demigod, yup. Half mortal, half God. All legend. Born of a human mother and Zeus; the King of the Greek Pantheon. He incurred the wrath of Hera. Now she was the goddess of women and marriage. Hercules was seen by her as an affront, an insult. She boded her time, and in due course, she exacted revenge. Hercules was driven mad and he slew his six children along with his wife.

3. Murder then penance:

After the murder, Hercules’ madness lifted and to his horror, he realized the depth of his act. Shamed and in mourning, he sought out the Oracle. The Oracle(not the computer company, an actual person in mythology) directed him to a king. King Eurytheus. He was commanded to perform any and all acts that the king commanded in order to be released from his penance.


4. This led to the Twelve Labors of Hercules:

Now you are thinking to yourself, what does this have to do with the character. Understand, this is a man first, he sought salvation and redemption. But murder is a stain which takes a while to be erased. King Eurytheus set Hercules on his “Labors.” Feats which were considered to be so impossible that no mortal had ever complete them. For e.g. Slaying of the Nemean Lion, Slaying of the Hydra, Capture of the Golden Hind of Artemis, Capture of the Erythmian Boar, Cleansing of the Augean Stables and many more. Each of these tasks (from 1 to 12) escalated in difficulty. And oh yeah, there were no level-ups here, no return to save point, no reset and redo.


5. Herc gets his bad-ass on:

That is the deal, Hercules got on with the labors. Through either sheer strength, luck or intelligence, each of the labors were dealt with and taken care off. As the labors ended, his legend grew. His name became immortal. And indeed, he was offered immortality.

6. The story of Hercules doesn’t end there:

He went to perform more feats of legend. The story of Hercules continued through the years. The best part of the myth is the fact the legend has withstood the test of time. The world was given a hero and in his deeds, he achieved greatness.

And now coming to the screen, is the story of Hercules. Played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hercules has a new avatar. A half mortal with immense strength, he made his mark in the world as a hero. Watch the trailer and see for yourself.  
After the trailer, click on this link. It is what Hercules would have wanted you to do! Join the legend! 


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