Those who grew up on a steady diet of geek culture love to celebrate their love of comic book heroes and villains. One way fans do this is with collectibles. Whether you’re a DC or Marvel fanboy or girl, Fanhood has some awesome action figures of your favourite superheroes, not to mention other cool merch. Here’s a list of the best of them. Plus, a selection of merchandise is now available at up to 25% off as a part of Fanhood’s Super You Sale. Rs 50 from every purchase is donated to SOS Children’s Village, an NGO dedicated to child welfare, to help provide relief in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

D-Select Marvel Comics Iron Spider

Looks like Spidey stole Captain America’s shield again. Not to mention that the red and gold Iron Spider Suit from the comics is a great look for him.

Cupid Egg Attack Deadpool

The merc with the mouth is in the mood for love shooting cupid arrows instead of pistols.

D-Select Iron Man Mark 42

An explosive action figure that features the Iron Man MK 42 suit from Iron Man 3.

Iron Studios Thor

Thor looks like he’s ready to go for Thanos’ head in this Iron Studios figure.

Dark Horse Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys prepares to take the Iron Throne. Bow before your Khaleesi!

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