Have you explored Fanhood yet? If the name is news to you, then know that Fanhood is BookMyShow’s new merch store, which offers a curated selection of items bound to appeal to fans of the movies, superheroes, TV, music and sport. You will find new stuff on BookMyShow Fanhood every week so keep checking for cool figurines, apparel and other fun stuff. Here are some of our latest items.

Deadpool Figurines

Get a load of these cute figurines or, as they’re known, Mini Egg Attacks. The one in the picture has Deadpool playing Cupid while balancing on hearts. The others are of the superhero wielding a sword while eating a taco and cooing over a kitten. Buy them here.

Spider-Man Figurines

Fans of the friendly neighbourhood webbed crusader are going to love this unique selection of Spideys. One of the coolest figurines is Spider-Man in a samurai suit. Other collectible figures include a Spider-Man Funko Pop showing the crusader in his stealth suit, and Spidey is his Iron Spider avatar. Buy them here.

The Big Bang Theory Funko Pops

Remember the scene in the show in which Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard and Penny dress as members of the Justice League for a costume competition? This set of Funko Pops shows the five friends from this scene. Buy them here.
Big Bang Theory

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