Fantastic Four: Film Review – For Marvel fans only

 Don’t superhero flicks get you all happy and excited? Well, this reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise doesn’t entirely disappoint. Director Josh Trank‘s effort is clearly seen in the film and he makes sure that the audience stays enthralled.
The film begins with an introduction to scientific genius Reed Richards (Miles Teller) who is recruited by Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) to join his team of scientists, thanks to his high IQ. Soon, the team is joined by Franklin Storm’s stepdaughter Sue (Kate Mara) and a troubled former student Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell). They start working on a prototype teleporter that Reed built as a kid, with his best friend Ben Grimm’s (Jamie Bell) help. A troublemaker, thrill-seeker and the younger brother of Susan Storm, Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) also joins this team. The team builds the teleporter and completes its work, and Reed decides to put his device to test. While testing the device, things go haywire and the five of them are teleported to another universe, which alters their physical selves shockingly. They are all endowed with superpowers- Johnny Storm becomes a Human Torch, Reed Richards expands infinitely, Sue turns invisible, Ben Grimm becomes a man made of rock, and Victor Von Doom becomes the bad guy called Doom. In a sudden twist, Doom decides to destroy the Earth, and it’s up to the quartet to stop him and save the world.
The pace of the film is initially slow but it picks up in the second half, when the real action begins. In fact, Fantastic Four at a runtime of only 100 minutes, actually feels rushed at the end, with a hasty climax that does not thrill as much as it could have. Still, the cast does justice to a familiar story, and the director has no cause for complaint. Miles Teller has performed the best as Reed Richards, and Toby Kebbell is gruesome as the baddie. The special effects and graphics used in the film deserve a mention. There are moments that keep you completely spellbound. And Marco Beltrami, best known for composing music for The Hurt Locker and The Woman in Black, has done a brilliant job, along with Philip Glass, in keeping the sound eerie and mysterious. Overall, the film is a good one-time watch. 
Why you should watch this film:
If you love the superhero genre and are a Marvel fanboy, you wouldn’t want to miss this one! Yes, the faces are new but that actually works in this film, making the relatively old franchise feel fresh and young.

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