When it comes to personal style, one can get away with almost anything because “hey, it’s personal”. However, there are a few fashion faux pas a girl should try to avoid. From wearing clothes that do not fit well, to wearing sunglasses indoors, we have a list of what one should not do. On the bright side, you may want to laugh about those that you have been guilty of committing and pat yourself for the ones you have managed to avoid successfully.

Sparing you the long introduction, it is about time we have a quick look at the list.

Over Accessorizing
Less is more! Well, this is completely applicable to accessories. Looking like a Christmas tree is never nice. Learn to keep it simple.
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Not Dressing for the Weather
Taking a look at the weather report always helps. In the summer, wear fabrics that keep you cool, while in the winter, layering is a smart thing to do. Also, make sure your choice of footwear is in sync with the weather. Wearing boots in summer is not cool.
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Clothes that are Too Tight/Loose
Make sure your clothes flatter your curves and are kind to your critical spots. Do not hide in baggy clothes or squeeze into something to brag you’re a size zero.
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Wearing Shoes You Cannot Walk In
If your shoes are uncomfortable or don’t fit, do not wear them. How will you conquer the world if your shoes aren’t right?
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Mixing Too Many Trends
When it comes to trends, it is crucial to understand what will flatter your body. Trying just one trend at a time is perfectly okay.
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Wearing Sunglasses Indoors
Some choose to wear sunglasses indoors for various reasons, like wanting to conceal tired eyes or to appear aloof. However, wearing sunglasses indoors is not a very pleasant thing to do. It may not be offensive, but it doesn’t always send out a very positive vibe.
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Being a Brand Snob
Now who wouldn’t love a closet full of designer wear? However, there is something sophisticated about not showing off. If your shopping depends entirely on what is the most expensive, it is time you took those blinders off. Remember, expensive clothing does not always mean enviable style.
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Being a Silent Copy Cat
There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other people or buying something that looked nice on someone else. However, creepily aping someone’e look isn’t the most right thing to do. It’s best to cultivate your own style.
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To let us know of the worst fashion mistakes you have noticed, comment below!

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