Federer v/s Wawrinka: No Game

Much to the utter shock of the few thousand fans gathered in anticipation at the North Greenwich Arena O2 (London), a rarity occurred. 
They could be forgiven, prior to it, for believing that the next earth-sized comet would hit Earth before Roger Federer pulled out of a game of tennis. And this wasn’t just any game—this was the season-ending World Tour Championship Final against the best player on the planet. Only a day ago, Federer had yet again this year done his best impression of Fighterer, staving off 5 match points against the run of play. But, as many would have believed soon after, his opponent on that night triggered a chain of events that MAY have allegedly led the Swiss legend to pull out of his Final. 
Federer defeated Wawrinka—his swiss soulmate, fellow Slam and Gold medal winner, and best friend on tour—in the semis. Only just. However, this wasn’t without event. Federer’s wife Mirka is believed to have heckled Wawrinka as a ‘crybaby’ during important points, which led him to complain to the French chair-umpire about her. He claimed she had done this at Wimbledon too. 
This blew open a can of worms, an explosion that sort of oddly reassured the world that Federer, after all, was human like us. He had a wife who was very much human too, and they had emotions like us too. It isn’t as dramatic as jealousy and betrayal, but to be fair to Wawrinka, being subjected to sledging by your friend’s wife during the second most important match of your year is a bit discouraging. 
Personally, I got the feeling that there is a lot of suppressed emotions in Wawrinka, that may have led him to blow open only half the lid. He wanted to say more, and perhaps reveal things that may have harmed Federer’s royal legacy, before Federer may have taken him aside after the game and chatted with him. 
McEnroe confirmed that the two argued late into the night in the locker room, and coincidentally, Federer pulled out of his Final next evening without blinking an eyelid, citing his long-aching back as the reason. 
There can be many versions of what may have transpired: Wawrinka was on the verge of revealing a lot more and perhaps shaming Federer and his wife in public. The tension between Mirka and Wawrinka is confusing, but this must have forced Federer to intervene and reason with his mate late into the night. Wawrinka may have believed that it was his match that Federer didn’t deserve to win, and that his place in the final was stolen. In order to pacify and perhaps put to rest this tension, Federer may have pulled out to prove his loyalty to Wawrinka, in the process assuring Wawrinka that he didn’t deserve to be playing in the Final. 
This is the closest we will ever see Federer to a scandal—the details of which will forever remain unclear, because only a day later, the two were seen in a Davis Cup picture with the Swiss team. Djokovic went on to collect his 3rd consecutive WTF title, and his 4th overall, thereby marking his dominance in what was to be Federer’s rise from the ashes year. 
Federer will desperately want to participate in the Davis Cup Final against France at Lille, his bad back not withstanding. However, his equation with Wawrinka could maybe destroy Switzerland’s only chance to win the Davis Cup—a title missing from his cabinet. If he does play and win, we will know that his pullout was emotional and not physically motivated. 
I hope, like many more, that he does play. It’s easy to say that ‘a woman’ is tearing a team apart, but this isn’t just any woman. Mirka, as many know, is the reason Roger exists. She is the silent builder of his empire, his reputation, his career and his perfect family. 
This petty argument has much more to it than what shows, but Mirka has to be worth the trouble.

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