#FilmyFlashback: Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind is set in the time when the southern states of North America were engaged in bloody battle. The Confederates were fighting the Union, and with the wave of the Great Depression in the country, the movie touched a nerve. The film directed by Victor Fleming, George Cukor and Sam Wood, is a historical romance based on Margaret Mitchell‘s novel of the same name. 

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Gone With the Wind is the story of Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh), who lives is Georgia in her family’s plush tea plantation – TARA. She belongs to one of the most well-to-do families of the region. Mr. O’Hara has three daughters and Scarlett is the most impetuous and headstrong of the three. The simplicity of the times the film was set in is in stark contrast with the character of Scarlett. She lusts after an engaged Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard) and marries his younger brother just to be close to him. She ignores Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) who loves her with all his heart. He is her perfect match. He matches her in passion and in stubbornness. The story follows their life and how it comes a full circle when she finds herself back at her tea plantation pinning for the man she ignored all her life. 

The film shows how Southern belles transitioned and how society changed during this period. Many women stepped out of their homes for work and most were influenced by the cinema and actresses of that time. Gone With the Wind does a fabulous job depicting this shift with a brazen elegance that can be seen through the complexity of the plot. The film was a breakthrough in color films. The film used the Technicolor technology and added a broader range of colors to the screen. The film is a wonderful piece of American history, which has been tastefully captured on-screen through this film. 


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