Do you remember the agonizing film by Mr. M.Night Shyamalan "The Last Airbender"? The film is a slanted version of a fantastic animated series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender," aired on Nickelodeon. Packed with indelible characters, well-crafted stories and unadulterated hilarity, the show was one of the best animated series on Television. Not to forget, it also rendered wise life lessons. It was more than a typical kids show. Avatar became a coveted series for both kids and adults alike.
Here are five reasons why you must watch Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Characters




It’s quite easy to choose a favorite character from most-animated films or series. But Avatar has such dynamic characters, that it becomes a tad confusing to pick one favorite. Whether it is Aang, Sokka, Iroh or Katara – the characters are riveting. Each character has its conflicts, and as the plot develops, they mature along with it. Even Aang – the Avatar or Zuko, his rivals aren’t the perfect warriors. Iroh is an enjoyable and admirable character as the wise old mentor of Zuko. Besides his laid-back attitude and immense love for tea, Iroh is a gifted strategist and tactician. And also one of the finest firebenders.
In a nutshell, the characters are heroic, brainy and yes, funny.

The Story
A perfect blend of charm, fun, and fantasy. The series got laughs and great action sequences and with of course brilliantly-conceived characters. The plot has the ability to somehow make you feel emotionally invested. If in one episode you are laughing-out-loud on Sokka’s antics, the next moment you will be in complete awe with the mind-blowing action between Aang and the Firelord. Simply epic! Each episode bursts with unique delights.



Bending. Woo hoo!
Once you witness bending, you’ll realize how cool it is, compared to the usual fighting techniques. Almost every character is endowed with this special ability of bending the elements – Water, Air, Fire and Earth in the world of Avatar. Within these there are various sub-skills like blood bending, lava bending, metal bending and lighting generation. Brilliant, indeed!

"Drink cactus juice, it’ll quench ya! Nothings quenchier! It’s the quenchiest!” – says Sokka, after he drank some strange cactus juice in the desert and starts to hallucinate about giant mushrooms. Sokka might seem like the most-funniest of characters indulging in all nonsensical activities, but surprisingly, even the badass warrior in the series has a weird sense of humor.
Check out the videos.



Avatar Aang’s dream:



Appa and Momo
Appa is Avatar Aang’s adorable sky bison and Momo is a winged lemur. Initially, there was a mutual dislike between the two, but in the following episodes their bond became stronger. But, of course Appa is just too awesome! He had one episode all to himself – Appa’s lost days.
Check out this hilarious scene between Appa and Momo.



Well, clearly Aang was hallucinating after sleepless nights, but this scene can crack anyone up. Don’t miss out Pathik, the guru offering Aang a bowl of onion-banana juice.
Lesson learned – Get enough rest!

So, yes, Avatar: The last Airbender is one show that you mustn’t miss. You won’t be disappointed.
Yip-yip! Enjoy the ride.

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